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Monday, December 15th

Half way there!

12.15.08 @ 04:21 PM CST

We are now half way through our pregnancy! We have made it to the 5 month mark and I'm feeling terrific. I'm feeling some good flutters and last night some pretty good jabs. It makes it all the more real now that I'm feeling the baby move around. Next update will be on Friday. That is when we get our ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby!

Saturday, December 6th

Texas Christmas

12.06.08 @ 01:22 PM CST

We got a late start on Christmas decorations. This week I came down with a nasty bug that left me home in bed for days. I'm feeling much better today and have my pregnancy hunger back which is a welcome relief. I put up some decorations already and today we're putting up the tree. For the outside we're waiting for new fixtures to be installed on Monday before I hang up some simple wreaths. The biggest change this week is our new door is finally installed in our bedroom. Pictures will come shortly. It's actually cold here and most of our leaves have finally fallen so it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Friday, December 5th


12.05.08 @ 11:52 AM CST
feeling: ok

so kevin present arrived today!!! i'm so excited, it'll be hard to wait 20 more days to give it to him! we have all but finished up our shopping for family members, just a few things left to pick up (well we still need to decide what we are looking for and then we can buy them).

we put up our tree in the living room, i don't think that we are going to buy any outdoor decorations but things are coming along! smile