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Thursday, November 20th

Heart Beat Picture

11.20.08 @ 03:51 PM CST

Here's a picture from our doctors appointment today. We're at 16 weeks and heart the heart beat again. It sounded like a healthy heart should, lush, loud and beautiful.

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Wednesday, November 19th


11.19.08 @ 12:06 PM CST
feeling: hanging in there

So I just wanted to say hi, our trip was awesome. I relaxed, so some cool things and got a lot of exercise.

Monday, November 17th

Four Months

11.17.08 @ 12:37 PM CST
feeling: Stable this hour.

We're at 4 months! We go to the doctors to hear the heart beat again this Thursday! Mom and I are doing water aerobics which make me feel better physically and mentally. This week the baby is the size of an avacado! And in the next few weeks, he/she will double in weight and add inches to his/her length. Toenails are starting to grow and his/her heart is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day!

Ads from Bad Design Schools are, surprise, designed poorly.

11.17.08 @ 12:24 PM CST
listening to: King of the Hill (God Bless Hulu)
feeling: Fine.

Design Observer has an interesting article this morning about the sad state of Graphic Design as a profession and the half-assed technical schools that try to convince aimless youth to abandon their workaday drudgery and become a photoshop jockey.

It's part "Oh, what has become of our profession?" and part "Look at the tacky crap that these schools put out there. How can they call themselves a design school if they can't even put out well designed solicitations?" and it's pretty accurate. You know it breaks my heart every time I see one of these ads, or whenever someone contacts me about a job at ohTwentyone and then sends me a portfolio full of crap and a resume with Woodward College or some other school that advertises on TV.

When oh when will the AIGA (or GAG) start offering some sort of accredited certification? These same schools prey on the culinary arts as well, but they have a system in place to offer a verifiable level of skill and expertise.

Wednesday, November 12th

Hi from London

11.12.08 @ 09:55 AM CST

So we were both able to sleep a little bit on the plane which means that we are both awake at 4pm and we haven't crashed yet. Hope all is well and we will check in later.

Monday, November 10th Interesting RSS Visualization

11.10.08 @ 11:39 AM CST is a cool site that lets you use a Java Applet to visualize the frequency with which words appear in an RSS feed. Notice how much the word Logo shows up in the one for ohTwentyone's RSS feed.

Tuesday, November 4th

Presidential Election Results via MSNBC

11.04.08 @ 01:34 PM CST

Monday, November 3rd

14 week update

11.03.08 @ 03:27 PM CST

Here's is what I'm working on this week:

The baby can make faces, frowning and squinting. The baby can now pee, which I think is weird. he/she is now the size of a lemon, quite and upgrade from last weeks shrimp reference. Finally, the body is growing faster than the head. In a few weeks I should be able to feel some movement which I'm sure will be another entry.

Clothes are not fitting as well anymore. I bought my first maternity shirts which are cute and very comfortable. I should always look into the maternity sections for cute shirts! More to come next week.

Another Rumble

11.03.08 @ 03:20 PM CST

That's right and this time I felt it. Saturday morning 7am. Windows rattled, my heart jumped and I wanted to move somewhere where it was super safe. Away from earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and major snow storms. I've settled down since then.