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Thursday, November 29th

We are safe

11.29.07 @ 12:50 PM CST
feeling: great

I just wanted to take a moment and let our families know that we are safe. So if someone could call mom and dad and let them know, or encourage them to use the webiste, and it would be awesome if someone could let Kevin and Judy know that we are okay.

St. Lucia is called the Helen of the Carribean because for 14 battles she was faught over by the french and English people, no wonder they speak both here, anyway, it is beautiful.

Kevin is at a treatment right now, which give me some time before we go to archery for our second class.

So to fill everyone in the short version: Sunday, our plane broke down before taking off and we had a small delay which just got us here in time for dinner (7:30pm) which was 3 hours late but I was just glad that they do all these tests before we take off unlike every other bride on the plane (there were lots) who I guess would rather died in the air but hey to each his own. on Monday, we met with our rep for off location activities and got a feel for the spa. We had our first treatment (which I will describe all treatments later) and attended fencing. Tuesday, we took a tour of the rain forest, on foot and by jeep and then came back for our second treatment and to find out that our shopping trip had been canceled for the next day. Wednesday we took a cab to the shopping district as we had moved around treatments to go so being who we are we went anyway. Then there was a cocktail hour with the instructors and we met some other couples. (speaking of which 90% British 5% american 5% other at our resort). I also didn't mention that I got sick yesterday and as Kevin pointed out to me the trip would not have been complete if I didn't get sick. Kevin went to a second fencing class while I stayed in bed. Which brings us to today, we got up and had a nice breakfast (which we have had everyday) went snorkeling (which was fun- but I must say a little scary at first) and we went to archery and lunch. Kevin is as I said at another treatment and at 3pm (our time) we will be meeting up at archery for round two. My treatment is tonight after 4pm tea but before 7:30 dinner. It is funny to be in England while in the islands.

Anyway, on a sour note, our camera broke on the first day so we have bought some one time use cameras and have had to used those for pictures, so don't be sad if it seems we don't have shots of everything.

Well we love you all and we can't wait to see you at Christmas!!! - Even though the holiday is already pissing you off Jon!

NB- This will be the only note until we get back 9pm on Sunday.

Celebrity Rehab

11.29.07 @ 12:14 PM CST

So, some of you may be hearing about some leaked videos from the upcoming show "Celebrity Rehab," which debuts Jan 10 2008 on VH1...which are causing a bit of controversy.

The videos, which many have asserted show simulations of celebrities (Jeff Conway, Chyna/Joanie Lawler, Brigitte Nielsen, Tom Sizemore, Andy Dick, etc.) using drugs are, in fact, real in every sense. They are not simulations.

Dr. Drew [who is one of my personal heroes because he is still a practicing MD, board-certified addiction-medicine specialist, teacher and manages to host a nightly radio show and raise triplets (with the assistance of his wife, of course) whereas I pretty much manage to work occasionally, overeat and watch TV] hosts the show, and on Loveline on the 27th he confirmed that the videos are real, and justified their existence and release (I thought pretty well).

He pretty much said this:
1. These are addicts. Of course they are doing drugs. That's what addicts do. They were going to do it anyway. We simply filmed it.
2. These tapes serve as a "scared straight" thing for drug use. There is no way Jeff Conway can deny that he's doing cocaine while we watch him do cocaine off a mirror on his desk.
3. He (Dr. Drew) showed them to the subjects about half way through the program to show them how full of shit they are...because all addicts are full of shit.
4. These are not a how-to manual. People who are going to do drugs are going to drugs. Maybe this will help someone to see how much it will fuck them up.

Basically, ignorance will not fix this public health issue. The sex education controversy has taught us that. You don't have to like it. It's reality.

Also - F You, Fox News.

Tuesday, November 27th

Roger, You Owe Me One Pair of Slacks...

11.27.07 @ 01:18 PM CST

For those of you who have not heard of it, Found Magazine is awesome. You should check it out.

Okay, so here's a better explanation: The guys who make FOUND collect things from people who find things all over the place in totally random places and put them in a magazine. Mostly because they are the note at the beginning of the entry, which was found at Knox College in Illinois hanging somewhere on campus. Awesome, right?

Also Awesome : , ,

Monday, November 26th

Jon's Christmas List

11.26.07 @ 10:53 PM CST

Okay, so it's that kind of year again, and I find myself answering the questions "Got any ideas for christmas?" So, here you go, the annual christmas list entry. List in the "more" part of the entry, although I will reiterate that I would really like to be able to play paintball guilt-free once a month.

Sunday, November 25th

Photos should be up soon...

11.25.07 @ 09:05 AM CST

DSC04157_smaller (140k image)

Yesterday was Nicole's Wedding, and I took a lot of photos. In the next few minutes you should be able to look at them here:

Congratulations Nicole and Kevin!

Thursday, November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

11.22.07 @ 08:51 AM CST

We are about to get on a plane and head east for Nicole's wedding, and because of the timing of everything, we'll pretty much miss thanksgiving this year. Well...we'll miss the turkey part of thanksgiving this year, and I'm fine with that.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner with the Croneys on Sunday, and another on Tuesday with our neighbors, and we're headed east for a wedding for crying out I think I'll have enough celebration this Thanksgiving.

So, if you feel like it, eat some turkey and stuffing for me, and know that I won't miss it one bit.

Monday, November 19th

Mini Thanksgiving

11.19.07 @ 04:54 PM CST

Because everyone here will be travelling for Thanksgiving, we decided to have a small thanksgiving celebration last night...and I do mean small. As a joke, and because we like to play with our food, we decided to take "a small thanksgiving celebration" literally and make miniature items.

So, we started with a game hen for everyone instead of a turkey, micro-green salad, and individual bunt cakes for dessert. My contribution was a mini-au gratin potato for everyone, which I prepared from mixed fingerling potatoes (to keep the scale correct), smoked gouda, boursin, and cream, topped with panko bread crumbs and baked in a muffin tin, so that everyone got a little casserole to themselves.

In my opinion, there are a few really excellent components to a good Potatoes Au Gratin. First, you have the gooey cheesey potatoey part, aka the middle, then you have the crunchy top. In some cases it's a bread crumb thing, in others it's the potatoes themselves. Take your pick. The last really great part is the part along the outside, where conducted heat from the pan turns potatoes and cheese alike into a chewy, salty crust. It's possible for someone getting a serving from the interior of the pan to get only one or two of these three components...which is the advantage of the mini-au gratin. We all got all the parts...and we were all happy.

I think next time I'll leave out the Boursin though. The whole thing was just TOO creamy.

Next time, BTW, will be tomorrow. I'm making them again for my neighbors. LOL

Friday, November 16th

8 Days Away!

11.16.07 @ 10:45 AM CST

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Tuesday, November 13th


11.13.07 @ 11:53 AM CST
feeling: blah

So, over this past weekend Kevin was sick (great timing right) but we got him some medicine and he is already doing much better.

So guess what, now I'm sick. But do I take time from work to get better, no, why because I have a deadline today and one tomorrow. Grrrrr.

Monday, November 12th

I played paintball yesterday...and I didn't suck.

11.12.07 @ 12:19 PM CST
feeling: Good. Sore. Tired. Good.

So, I went and played at GatSplat yesterday. (That's the indoor place in Lewisville.) It was great. I was almost starting to feel like I didn't want to play anymore, because it's been a while and I had that kind of negative momentum going, but all it took was one good game and I got sucked back in.

This leads me to my lone suggestion for christmas gifts this year : Money to play paintball. GatSplat used to offer gift certificates, but I don't see that on their web site anymore. Anyone considering funding my habit might call them at (972) 956-5500 and inquire.

They have a league that starts back up in January, and I intend to join.

Wednesday, November 7th

New Work Prototype...

11.07.07 @ 05:40 PM CST

So, no, it's not a live site yet, but I am happy with myself for getting a tremendous amount of coding done this week so far, and the site is pretty good looking, so I thought I'd at least show the prototype. Click the screenshot to make it bigger, and visit the prototype here: new CDFund Website Prototype.

newCDF (431k image)

And, before anyone else asks, it's not in Spanish or Italian or anything. It's full of dummy type. Dummy. ;-)

Monday, November 5th

I got new Glasses

11.05.07 @ 02:44 PM CST
feeling: Good. I like them.

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polariod camera

11.05.07 @ 12:04 PM CST

Does anyone know someone that has a polariod camera?

Thursday, November 1st

How Spaces Handles Muliple Monitors

11.01.07 @ 12:41 PM CST
listening to: Don & Mike Podcast

spaces_wEextMonitor (36k image)

Cool, right?


11.01.07 @ 11:54 AM CST

Hopefully Jon will put some pictures up. Respectful pictures. I trick or treated too hard last night and am recovering today.