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Friday, October 31st

earth quake

10.31.08 @ 02:19 PM CST

We had an earth quake last night! For serious! It was tiny, no damage and apparently if it happened during the day no one would have noticed it. BUT it happened last night around midnight. I was sound asleep but Jon felt it. Jon felt and earthquake!

Happy Halloween to all!

Wednesday, October 29th


10.29.08 @ 12:12 PM CST

So I don't know what happened yesterday in MD or TX but here in PA/NJ it snowed yesterday from about 10am until 2 or 3pm, which is why the world series was put off until tonight. So yup first snow of the year (which was immediately washed away by the rain that came after) and it's only October. I wonder when we will see snow again.

Tuesday, October 28th

What's going on in my belly

10.28.08 @ 08:59 AM CST

Here's the info for week 13! Fingerprints have formed on your baby's tiny fingertips, her veins and organs are clearly visible through her still-thin skin, and her body is starting to catch up with her head which makes up just a third of her body size now. If you're having a girl, she now has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Your baby is almost 3 inches long and weighs nearly an ounce.

Thursday, October 23rd

Dear World...My Sperm Works!

10.23.08 @ 12:13 PM CST

Jocelyn is 12 Weeks Pregnant. Today is the day we are "allowed" to start telling people.

We went to the OB today for our 12 Week check-in. The baby is healthy. We heard its heartbeat today. It was small and fast, like a small animal; a rabbit or a bird or something.

We didn't take any pictures today. We did at eight weeks, and we will again in another 8. When we do, I'll put them up...but in the meantime, here's a picture from last time.

babysFirstPhoto (79k image)

Monday, October 20th

Cool Site

10.20.08 @ 10:55 AM CST

posterSite (90k image)

This is a cool and simple site. It's just a collection of cool old posters and ads. Check it out if you need any inspiration.

Thursday, October 16th

Caring too much

10.16.08 @ 11:43 AM CST
feeling: just give it a minute you'll understand

So, I have been having this problem lately, and I think that I have found the root of all my problems. I think that I have been in denial about how much I really care about things. You see most people go to work do what is asked of them and then go home. I feel the need to ask questions and discover new and better ways, push issues and try to make the world that I work in a better place for all (employees and clients) and you know what this has led me to? Sleepless nights! Last night, in denial about how much working on these families (and them not working) was really bothering me I was awake for about an hour trying to figure out how to rescript the syntax of the files so that the program would understand the check boxes and after meeting with the Revit expert he explained the soluntions was in bionary and so I figured it out in the middle of the night!!! What is wrong with me, I apparently care so much about this stupid family configuration and making it perfect that I will sacrifice sleep - and in case people didn't know I love sleep! So how does a person stop caring so much or at least deal with acknowelding that they do care about these stupid little things! Why must I give 150% why can I not give just 95% without feeling like a giant A for not giving more?!? crazy

Wednesday, October 8th

Taking the Plunge

10.08.08 @ 03:37 PM CST

A little while ago my 28mm-70mm telephoto lens for my SD-14 decided to give up the ghost. I've been shopping for a replacement for a while (and shooting EVERYTHING through my 70mm-300mm in the meantime), and I've had mixed experience in getting something I can use for what I need, a telephoto lens that will do moderately wide shots to moderately long ones. I've ordered some, had them arrive broken, or get put on backorder. Well, I've finally decided to stop screwing around and buy a good lens that will really do what I want, because I'll be photographing a metal fabrication shop in the near future and I'll need both wide and long shots. So, I bit the bullet and bought the lens you see above. It's an 18mm-200mm with an Optical Stabilizer (making it easier to capture razor-sharp images) and an internal focus system, meaning that the front of the lens doesn't rotate when it focuses...making it perfect for use with polarizing filters and other ring-mounted accessories that are a pain in the ass to setup and can be ruined with one twist of the focus ring.

Anyway, I am super happy about this purchase. It's wider than my previous widest lens, and almost as long as my long telephoto. It's very versatile.

Oh, and I found it brand new for about 1/3rd of Sigma's MSRP. wink

Monday, October 6th


10.06.08 @ 06:01 PM CST

I really enjoy photography. I think I've mentioned it before on this site that I have decided to take it a bit more seriously and try to learn how to be a photographer in earnest. Well, to that end, I've been photographing the Croney Team for their new listing book. Here, have a taste:

Jocelyn in the Corn

Click on the photo to visit it and look at it in detail. It's a pretty good snap if I do say so myself.

I've also decided to start a "Portfolio" set on Flickr to house my best shots, and maybe one day use it to do some work for people that aren't married to me. ;-)

Check out the set to see Nancy and Linda's new photo for the listing book on Flickr.


10.06.08 @ 12:16 PM CST

So I don't get to come and chat on the site as much as I would like to right now but I have a question when did the heading change?