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Wednesday, September 14th


09.14.11 @ 11:54 AM CST

Sounds fine with me-I do read what is posted though-I get an email rss feed thing.

This is my last blog post on here-Hasta La Vista Baby. If any one wants to know my thoughts-call me. Or sweety, you can just talk to me at home.

Tuesday, September 13th

Considering Sundowning This Site...

09.13.11 @ 10:12 AM CST
feeling: Fine.

So...I don't write on here anymore, and no one else ever writers anything useful, so I'm considering sundowning (read: taking down) this blog.

I would replace it with a one-page site that lists all the other family projects (my two companies, Design Reading List, blah blah blah, and a new site I'm considering to concentrate on thought leadership stuff for design that doesn't really belong here, or on ohTwentyone, etc...).

So...unless anyone objects, I'm going to take this site down in a month. If history is any indication, no one will ever read this entry. ;-)