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Friday, September 24th

It's a Sad Time

09.24.10 @ 08:03 AM CST
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So, I just finished reading Jon's most recent entry about college students and while I haven't read the referenced article yet, I plan on doing so later this morning, it is sadly just like a conversation we were having at work last night. Some people expect everyone else to hand life to them - is this a generational thing? I don't think that it is but I think that it has gotten worse with the most recent generations. I think that people haven't had to fight for things they way that they used to. I mean our parents talk all the time about having to choose the 1 thing that they really wanted because they could only have 1 - not two or three.

Just watch tv - why does anyone under the age of 16 need a cell phone? Or anyone who isn't in high school for that matter? When did it become okay for a sweet 16 party to be the size of a wedding? And when did it go from shameful to cool to be a pregnant teen? This is the world that we live in and it is a "microwave" society - nobody wants to take them time and enjoy the experience of cooking a wholesome fulfilling meal we all just want to be able to have instant gratification and if we can pawn the work off on someone else well even better!

On college (design) students in general:

Tuesday, September 21st

Obnoxious College Students (and other entitled jerks)

09.21.10 @ 02:00 PM CST
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There's a bit of hubbub about Steve Jobs supposedly engaging in a flame war with a college kid over her repeated attempts to contact Apple's Media Relations division seeking material for a college paper. You can check it out here @ Valleywag.

You'll be surprised to learn that I think Steve is totally in the right to ask her to leave him, and the rest of Apple, alone. Although I do think it was foolish of him to respond in the first place, it's a flaw I can certainly be guilty of pretty frequently, so I can't really get too down on him about it.

Here's how I see this:

Wednesday, September 15th

Make Stuff

09.15.10 @ 01:41 PM CST

My love. You turned comments off on that entry. I agree with you. Your entry made me remember a 'thing' Keith had that was wood nailed together that I think he used as a radio/walkie talkie. I appreciate it more now than before. BUT I never questioned why Keith had it. It was just some make believe toy. I use to have a tree stump I used as a racing car. I even had a dashboard made out of bark that stored a glass jar of treasures. I too do not use my imagination enough.

Tuesday, September 14th

I Need to Make...

09.14.10 @ 01:17 PM CST

I'm a professional creative, for whatever that's worth, and you would think that means I create stuff. However, it strikes me that I do not make enough stuff. Of course, if you look at my last year, in which I worked on 58 jobs, including designing and building a few websites, booklets, brochures, logos, trade show exhibits, and posters among other things, you'd be hard pressed to back up that statement...but it's true. I don't make enough stuff.

I've recently become aware of people within the design community who just can't stop making things. For clients or not for client, to solve a problem or apropos of nothing, they just MAKE stuff, compulsively, all the time.

I'm envious of those people.

I feel like I'm lazy in comparison. I feel as though if I were making things all the time I would make more awesome things. I feel as though my time is spent consuming things and having an opinion about them, for no damn reason.

Who the hell cares which contestant I like on Top Chef?
Who the hell cares if I think The Office can survive without Steve Carrell?
Who the hell cares if I agree with Seth Godin? (I thought I'd throw in a book there just so you wouldn't think this is about TV.)
Who the hell cares what I think of whatever the hell you said on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or your Blog?
Who the hell cares what I think of the new lineup of Apple gear? (Oh wait, people ask me about that all the time.)

I feel like I need to get more comfortable with the idea of screwing up and just DO some stuff. Just make some things. Just make some stuff that might suck, because if I make stuff that sucks enough I might make something that doesn't suck one day.

I remember being a kid and making really completely useless things by nailing scrap wood together. When did I stop doing that? I also remember trying desperately to paint BatMan with watercolors that were way to watery, but not really caring. When did I stop doing that? When did I stop painting? When did I stop drawing? I used to draw all the time. I used to get in trouble in class for drawing compulsively. I used to draw in the face of very real consequences, like an addict.



Monday, September 13th

American Graphic Design Awards

09.13.10 @ 12:29 PM CST
feeling: Somebody's got a case of the Mondays

So...I got some exciting news on Friday. I've won seven (that's 7) American Graphic Design Awards from GD USA magazine.

Which means I now have 17 awards sitting unframed in my office. Thankfully IKEA makes some decent (if you don't look too close) cheap document-sized frames, so I'll head over to Frisco and pick some up sometime soon.

Jocelyn thinks that if I continue to frame them all and put them in my office it'll start to get a bit overwhelming pretty quickly.

I kind of think that's the point. ;-)

What do you think? When do I stop? After I frame these I'll have 27. Do I stop at 30? 50? 100? 1000? Do I just start making piles around the room?

I once read about a place that had giant trash cans filled with awards in their lobby. Anybody got any creative ideas for "filing" these things?

Also—I'll need help again deciding which, if any, I'm going to have published.

I'm turning comments on for this entry, so please leave any ideas in the comments!