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Wednesday, September 27th

First Photos from new Camera...

09.27.06 @ 10:11 AM CST
listening to: Nothing at the moment. Oh Wait. Loveline.
feeling: Fine. Just Fine.

muffinSeductress (104k image)

So, I like my new camera. It's time to show off the first shots.
I call this one: Muffin Seductress. It was, of course, photoshopped.

Oh yeah. Click on the photo to blow it up.
HINT: I always do that. So, always click on the photos!

Tuesday, September 26th

A little birthday present for me...

09.26.06 @ 10:55 PM CST
listening to: Nip Tuck
feeling: Good

So, I got permission to get myself a little birthday present/tax deductible piece of office equipment/graphic arts equipment/computer hardware. I am considering it a birthday present from myself.

Anyway, making it even better is that I did a bunch of research, then I went looking around in the stores. Unfortunately, although both Best Buy and Circuit City HAD the camera I wanted, they wanted $300 for it, and my budget was $300 including tax (so, $277 roughly)...although it DID come with a 1GB card at Circuit City. Still, beyond my budget for this excursion.

I was going to get one just like the one I helped Dad pick out for his Birthday, but Casio dropped the price on them and now they are sold out everywhere. Anyway. I decided that I liked this Sony.

So, on the way home from the stores, I dropped by the Office Depot that's next to the Home Depot. You see, sometimes Office Depot runs these crazy unadvertised specials on stuff. Well, I lucked out. I got my camera for $199. And I got a 1GB memoryStick Pro card for $39.99. So, after tax I spent $259.78. Maybe I'll get some new T-Shirts with the $40 in my pocket. ;-)

More fun with SketchUp...

09.26.06 @ 02:03 PM CST
listening to: LoveLine...
feeling: Good. I have cash money in my pocket.

Curran_fromGazebo (163k image)

Well, Nicole, get this: I got paid to do this drawing. $300! How cool is that? I did it simply from a couple of photos of the site (which I stitched together into a backdrop for the arbor and outdoor kitchen) and a satelite image from Google Earth.

Google Earth, BTW - Is not totally accurate, because it's based on Satellite photos, which are not taken the moment you ask for them, but finding this house down the street from Ed & Nancy's was a breeze, and a really helpful tool for determining scale and direction for the shadows.

Sketchup, by itself, sure is a fun way to draw in 3D. It's like building something in real life.

Nicole - Do you think I charged enough? I did it pretty much hourly. I left a little wiggle in there because I was still learning a lot of the techniques I was using.

Monday, September 25th

feeling ahead

09.25.06 @ 11:30 AM CST

For once in my life I have heard of something before Jon, this is amazing. Sketchup was built a while ago and was introduced at my school over 3yrs ago. And from its success google bought it but be warned that by using google earth to create your environments there might be buildings in your image that don't exist. Part of the problem with google earth (or wikapedia) is that they can be altered by outside users making them only as realiable as every human being on the planet. Anyway, I hope everyone is having fun with sketch-up in the mean time I am trying to learn blender and not kill anyone during the semster. hehe

Sunday, September 24th

My Birthday is Coming Up...

09.24.06 @ 12:37 AM CST
listening to: Good Eats
feeling: Good.

Hello people. My birthday is coming. So, if you'd forgotten, shame on you. If not, and you were wondering what to get me...I thought I'd throw up some suggestions: Starting with this one.

It's a regulator for my paintball gun. It's the one that comes stock on the '06 Ego, the 'gun I really want, but cannot afford nor justify owning. Anyway. That gun is one of the most consistent and accurate on the market,and that reg is a big reason why. So, since the one on my Ion is a pain in the ass to service, and not terribly consistent in the first place, I think I'll replace it.

Click on the pic for a link to the best deal on these things I've found on the 'net. If'n you gotta go lookin' for it, it's called a Planet Eclipse Star Swivel Regulator (or an Eclipse Star Reg, or possibly throw the word inline somewhere in there too. People name the retarded on their websites. JUST FOLLOW THE LINK!)

Oh, and I didn't give you a picture of a black one by accident. wink

There will be further suggestions in the coming days. And yes, most will be paintball related.

Saturday, September 23rd

Fun with Fun New Tool!

09.23.06 @ 04:19 PM CST
listening to: Nothing. Wow.
feeling: Tired. But I got something accomplished today, so yay!

Curran1 (303k image)

Look at that! It's a 3D Model that I drew in Sketchup, with the help of Google Earth, and someone is actually paying me to do it! Yay!

It's another one of those "If I can get faster at this, it can be profitable" kind of things. Ugg. But whatever, it's Fun!

Anyway. These landscape guys are paying me a little to do these drawings for them so they can sell more of these outdoor kitchen things. Way cool, right? Now if I can only build better models of the houses, it'd be AWESOME. ;-)

Friday, September 15th

Fun new Tool!

09.15.06 @ 10:26 PM CST
listening to: Loveline...
feeling: Sleepy. I'm headed home, I promise.

semiColon_House (91k image)

I downloaded this thing from Google called SketchUp (Nicole, Kevin, you need to snag this thing). It's a really fun, easy to use 3D Modelling software, and it's free. I learned enough to draw that in one day...and that drawing took exactly one hour. (With, admittedly, a lot of fits and starts.)

Anyway. It's a lot of cool. It's not good enough for fininshed drawings (well, some people seem to be able to produce really detailed stuff, but not me, yet), but it's SO fast to use. It's like sketching in 3D.

Dad, Greg, it's free and easy. You should get it and play too. big grin

Monday, September 11th

KMT Photos, Number 3

09.11.06 @ 10:50 PM CST
listening to: Without a Trace
feeling: Eh.

It's paintball picture time again. Check them out here:

I think I took some real good ones this I'm throwing some good ones on the tail end of this entry, after the "more" link.

Sunday, September 10th

news from MD

09.10.06 @ 04:38 PM CST

Don and I are really enjoying fall....something about this time of year spurs us back to action. Don is refinishing Grandma Harrison's cedar chest. He had to rebuild one of the feet and repair some cracks. It is turning out beautifully. I am cleaning up the basement in preparation for new carpeting. We had to find new places for all the stuff that used to be on the shelves that we pulled out.

Grandma & Grandpop had a near miss on a hole in the roof during the last storm. Fortunately the branch only did external damage. Grandpop looked good when we saw him in August. The trip to Bill and Anne's was the longest he had made since his surgery. His sons have been in a couple times this summer to visit from Montana. Of course, grandma kept them busy doing 'honey-do' projects around the house.

Sorry you can't come Dec. 26 through January 2. I was trying to find a time when Nicole had more down time and no projects to work on. How soon she can join us at Thanksgiving depends on whether her Wednesday classes are cancelled.
Joc, tentatively we are thinking about doing some "dress" shopping on either Black Friday or Saturday. (no buying, just shopping for ideas and for fun.) We usually avoid the malls the weekend after Thanksgiving, but thought this was a good year for an exception.

For spring....Nicole has her thesis crit and graduation in May.....(only I have time off at Easter) we would rather you came in May. I don't know how close together these two events are, so you should work the dates out with Nicole on what is most important to her.

Friday, September 8th

I am a paintball Photographer...

09.08.06 @ 12:06 PM CST
listening to: LoveLine
feeling: Tired.

paintballPhotog2 (38k image)

I am going to photograph another tournament this Sunday. Here's hoping I don't take too many in the bean while I am out there. I am going to try and get WAY closer to the action this time.

Also - on the photography tip - I finally called and got replacement negative carriers for my scanner, so I can scan negatives at home. I'll probably still have Sam's dump them all on disk for me, just to have a quick and dirty index of the shots...but now I can rescan the good ones and have high-res versions of the great shots. I did a test scan of a shot I took of Jocie, and got a good scan that would have made a nice 22 in wide 300 dpi print. Not bad. I am pretty happy with that. That was at 4800 dpi. I then scanned the shot above at 2400 dpi (my scanner's max optical dpi) and came up with a pretty good scan. It's a bad, blurry, miscolored photo, but it cleaned up okay in Photoshop.

Anyway. I am happy. High-res negative scans are something I've wanted to be able to do for a while now. The new carriers will let me scan up to 12 negatives at a time in really high resolution. I am super pumped.

Thursday, September 7th


09.07.06 @ 09:34 AM CST

We're taking a trip! October 6 we're heading for a quick visit of Milwaulkee to visit my (very pregnant) friend Melissa and Joe, then go to Chicago to visit my friend Holly. We leave Friday and come back Monday night, so it's a quick visit, but something to look forward to for sure.

Tuesday, September 5th

Mabel and a Baby...

09.05.06 @ 11:43 AM CST
listening to: Loveline...
feeling: Fine. Sleepy. I slept poorly.

mabelEleanor_square (42k image)

Did Jocie blog about how we had dinner guest with a small child and Mabel really got along with the baby? Anyway. This was a shot I took right before Mabel grabbed the beach ball away from poor Eleanor. She didn't like that one bit.

Monday, September 4th

Closing Doors and Opening Windows

09.04.06 @ 08:51 PM CST
listening to: CSI
feeling: Fine and full of soup...

First: I just want everyone to know that although I quit the magazine, Jocelyn and I are not about to starve. I picked up two new clients last week. One is a business card printer/sales guy who I picked up because I am creative and fun, and his other designer was not. Turns out it's mostly production work, but that's okay. The guy's paying me close to my full hourly fee, and sending me a new card or set of cards almost every day to have me lay them out.

The other is a lady who is starting an apparrel company for Dogs. She needs somebody to translate her photoshop file into a format that can be silk screened onto fabric. She seems nice, and she likes me because a) I am irrationally devoted to my dog, and b) I didn't try to force some bizarre pricing structure onto the project. Which is good for me too. It's straight up, full price, hourly work. Gotta love it.

Anyway. I am also really close to finishing my new web site too, which I will be using to look for new work. It will have work from the period I am looking forward to get some good, new, interesting work. I am also looking for a sales rep...and contemplating doing a direct mail self-promo campaign. I got my new business cards last week I can go looking for new business with brand new cards.

So don't anybody worry. Quitting the magazine was the best thing I've done in a long time.