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Monday, August 30th

The Nature of Design as a Commodity

08.30.10 @ 09:47 PM CST
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For the last couple of years I've been really concerning myself with the idea of design being treated as a commodity, and how the industry can avoid it. To some degree it can't, depending on how you define the design industry.

Today I had an epiphany regarding the graphic design industry and commoditization, and it's this: for most clients, and most designers, it already is a commodity because there's no difference between the way those designers solve problems, and there is no difference between the way those clients will interact with designers.
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Wednesday, August 25th

Good looking Bland

08.25.10 @ 07:09 AM CST
feeling: apathetic

Have you ever hit a moral crossroads where you were obligated to do your very best at something yet outside forces made it so you were stuck with something bad that you had make look atleast medicore. Keep in mind, if you could use all the information you had/knew about it could be good looking great. But no, here are the 5 blandest images we could think of and we want you to compose them in a manner that makes this seem to be much more than it is. It has been a while since I have felt morally conflicted and in the past I have fought tooth and nail to ween substance from such efforts. But today is different. I have great graphics and a great story but am not permitted to tell them and I am ok with that because in the end I will have far less stress by just making it the way they want it and walking away.
Yet again we are back to the crux of the issue. I refuse to put my name on shotty work so I must therefore make it look better than it really is. Even though it IS better than what they want to show in the first place. Sigh.