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Thursday, July 23rd

Almost Time

07.23.09 @ 11:36 AM CST
feeling: Yeah!

So it's Thursday at lunch (my time) and I can't tell you how exhausted I am! I am so tired and yet so excited. I will finally get to meet Oliver! Finally get some time away from work! And finally take some time for me and my Mary Kayness!

Thursday, July 2nd

Love of Aesthetics vs. Fear of Death

07.02.09 @ 12:08 PM CST

I really enjoy the aesthetics of motorcycles. See below, the Harley Davidson Iron 883, the current object of my desire:

This machine really appeals to me. There's something about the naked power of the thing, the aesthetic it embodies, and the simplicity of its power and the transportation it provides.

Unlike cars, which spend a lot of material and effort concealing the parts that make it work, or the parts that are supposed to make it work (I'm lookin' at you, GM), or spend a lot of effort and material making them look more powerful than they are (here I'm lookin' at you, Ford >cough< Mustang >cough<), the designers of these beasts expend their energy artfully arranging the "working" pieces for all to see.

There's something really appealing to me about that simplicity. And, as I said earlier, the simplicity of its aesthetic matches the simplicity of its power and the simplicity of its transportation. Because of this correlation I find it easy to imagine riding it. It's like the visual experience carries directly into the visceral. It looks like it would feel...or I imagine it would feel.

That is why I find the aesthetics of motorcycles so compelling. I suspect it's why so many do. I also suspect that it translates directly into sales, and why people ride motorcycles in the face of overwhelming evidence that they should not...which is why I called this entry Love of Aesthetics vs. Fear of Death. I would argue that for those who ride, Love has won over fear.

I cannot decide if that is admirable or not. Hmmm.

After the jump there's a small gallery of other motorcycles that attempt to seduce me into danger.

Wednesday, July 1st

Eye catching

07.01.09 @ 09:51 AM CST

So I have been working alot recently on diagrams at work. At the same time I have been reading alot more comics recently. The thing that has struck me is that our diagrams are usually quite bland but by incorporating some of the graphic techniques I have seen in comics they take on a more eye catching appeal. I CAN'T BELEIVE THAT IT HAS BEEN STARING ME IN THE FACE FOR SO LONG! I am hoping that this discovery can be taken into the actual design process and see how it impacts my formal approach to building design.