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Friday, July 25th

The Croney Team has a new Logo

07.25.08 @ 05:54 PM CST
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We've been talking about it for years, but I've finally gone and created something for the Croney Team to use as their LogoType.

I know what you're's doesn't "scream" RealtorŪ. Well, it doesn't have to. They freakin' ReMax Balloon that goes on everything they put out does that.

This was developed as part of their new listing book (which is mostly a sales book), and is designed to reinforce their image as an up-market service it has to be a little delicate and soft, yet strong and firm. Hopefully you get where I'm going here.

Anyway. I'm very happy with the way it came out, as are the members of the Croney Team themselves. Look for comp layouts of the listing book as I develop that one too.

Also, we've been getting an unusual amount of SPAM on the site lately, so I am turning off comments for this entry. You'll just have to e-mail me directly.

Tuesday, July 22nd

The Stock Market is RETARDED

07.22.08 @ 09:39 AM CST

So, this is just a little frustration that I need to vent: The Stock Market is RETARDED.

Here's why: Apple (my favorite company, or rather, the only of my favorite companies that I own stock in) just announced KILLER revenue and profit for last quarter. Insane. Really. iPod sales continue at a level that I cannot understand, although "flat" inasmuch that they aren't selling much MORE than previous quarters. Macs are selling like hot cakes. They are the ONLY PC manufacturer who is gaining market share, and they have recently been bumped from 5th to tied for 3rd with Toshiba.

So, why is their stock down $14 at 9:30 in the AM the day after the announcement?

The iPod slumping is not the beginning of the end; the Mac hitting 8% market share is the beginning of the beginning. It's days like this I wish I had $15000 to buy another 100 shares of Apple stock right now.

Sunday, July 20th

Edible Architecture

07.20.08 @ 10:27 AM CST

So for those of you that have been keeping track, Edible Architecture made its first appearance yesterday as the Unraveling film cake was exhibited (and eaten) at Project Twenty1's launch event for this years film festival. I am waiting until later to call Steph and make certain that everything went okay!! But I have posted pictures that Kevin and I took after dropping it off. You should all enjoy the pics (since you couldn't enjoy the cake).

Wednesday, July 9th

We're Going Away Too

07.09.08 @ 12:12 PM CST

Jon and I are going to Oklahoma this weekend to Turner Falls. It's a spontaneous trip where I hope to be one with nature and enjoy the peace and quiet. Don't call us. smile

Tuesday, July 8th

Weekend Away

07.08.08 @ 11:39 AM CST
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So this past weekend Kevin and I were supposed to go to Niagara Falls but Gloria had different plans in mind. For those of you who don't know, Gloria is our car. She was doing just fine, we got up and packed left around 9am and everything was great! We stopped at Kevin's Dad's and said a quick hello, picked up my glasses and used the restroom. About a half hour later we stopped for gas and Gloria did not want to start back up. We gave it a second shot and she started right up, we thought it was probably some air or something that had to be worked out. But just minutes after getting back on 81 we broke down! Gloria had enough!!! She was not happy with the journey that we had planned for her. Well, Kevin and Timmy came up and towed Gloria back to Clarks Summit to wait to be fixed and Kevin and I spent the weekend with family.

It was a good weekend and we had a great time. Luckily, we had taken Monday off so we could wait for the car to be fixed and then drive it back instead of making other arrangments but still now we are both back at work with an interesting tale and a decision to make about how far is to far to drive. sleepy

Thursday, July 3rd

Hey Jocie, look what I did!

07.03.08 @ 10:35 AM CST

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Wednesday, July 2nd

Dirty, Filthy Muppets

07.02.08 @ 09:57 AM CST

This video is from a play called Avenue Q. It's coming to town soon, and our friend Kevin brought it up over drinks after Spamalot on Saturday. Turns out, it's pretty funny stuff: