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Monday, June 30th

I wish I were this clever:

06.30.08 @ 10:21 AM CST

So, this is a video of Marcelo Daldoce, an insanely talented and clever illustrator who paints with wine (in addition to traditional methods).

Like I said, I wish I were this clever.

Monday, June 23rd

Look what I captured...

06.23.08 @ 04:42 PM CST

squirrel20080623 (115k image)

...while he was trying to drink out of the pond in our backyard.


06.23.08 @ 12:02 PM CST

For those of you that voted! I have decided!

Edible Architecture would be the domain name for my hobby!
Followed by Indulgent Delicatessen with the sub-group Cakestruction!

Just to let you know!

It's good to be happy

06.23.08 @ 11:24 AM CST
feeling: duh-happy

So over the weekend we went up to see Kevin, and the rest of the Hollenbeck/Gryzbowski side of the family and it was nice. We left at 4:30 and beat some of the traffic and we got there before 7pm. We had a nice evening in and then went for a walk on Saturday down to the market (as Kev calls it) and back with some soda and such, and on Sunday we had breakfast with Gigi and Papa and then played golf before coming home. It was nice and we had a great time, catching up about work and our hobbies! Kevin is very excited about the house cake he is yet to see! I got an idea for a new dessert and can't wait to try it out!

On a more bland note, Jenny's food is actually tasty, I am currently eating a pasta with red sauce and "meatballs" and it's pretty good I will give it a smiley on my menu log to state to get it again! I hope everyone else gets a smiley for today too! hehe

Thursday, June 19th

My MacBook Pro's Screen is dead...

06.19.08 @ 03:13 PM CST

...which is why I am standing in que to see a Genius to help me fix it.

Of course, I've spent most of the morning trying to fix it myself (between checking my mail on my phone and running errands, like registering my car).

Anyway. I showed up 15 minutes early for my appointment at 'the bar', just in case they would have time to see me early, and truthfully, I couldn't think of anything else to do. Without my machine I am, ironically, a woefully ineffective web designer...which is what I am supposed to be doing right now.


I am crossing my fingers and hoping that they don't have to take my machine away from me for a week or more. Jesus, I don't know what I would do without my machine for a week... especially this week. I have a lot to get done.

Update My local Genius replaced my logic board and got it back to me in under 24 hours, despite a HUGE backlog of work orders and a Genius Bar that was booked solid four hours in advance from the moment I left it with them to the time I picked it up.

Way to go, workbench nerds. Every time you do something like that you extend the awesomeness of Apple's brand. Kudos to you. You are the real reason I love Apple.

Monday, June 16th

Father's Day Food

06.16.08 @ 10:48 PM CST



06.16.08 @ 11:42 AM CST
feeling: tired and lovely

So, over the weekend we had a party for Kevin's birthday/summer/house fun! Anyway, I decided that it would be a good chance to launch cake-itecture! (And if anyone has better ideas for spelling I'm open to suggestions) Not only did I not use a pound cake but it was beautiful, and yes there are pictures (I'll post them soon). The cake was made to look like our house and while I learned a couple of handy tricks to remember, it was a tasty success!

Thursday, June 12th

Is the new iPhone really Cheaper?

06.12.08 @ 09:58 AM CST

"Well, Jon," some of you would say, "Of course it it. Can't you see, it's $199? Duh!"

Well, this morning Gizmodo posted an interesting matrix, which I am blatantly stealing to illustrate the point to which most people are short-sighted.

iphone3gpricecomp2 (67k image)

My only disappointment with this Matrix is that it doesn't compare the various other "legacy" smartphones, like the Treo™, the Blackberry™, and the SideKick™. I'm pretty sure lots of them are more expensive to use too...I know that AT&T's "Smartphone Connect" plan for the Treo is expensive as hell.

It all comes back to something that I always find myself explaining to people: The 1st Gen iPhone plan is a steal of a deal. I was already an AT&T subscriber, using my Nokia E62 to do much of the same stuff, but it was costing me $30 in data overages month-to-month because the unlimited Data plan cost $50 on top of my voice plan. I am saving between $30 and $50 a month on that alone.

Wednesday, June 4th

RelatedMail is Rad*

06.04.08 @ 05:46 PM CST
listening to: Weezer : The Red Album
feeling: A-Okay

*Update, I've removed RelatedMail since this writing. About a day after I installed it my mail database became corrupt and in the process of making it work correctly I removed RM. I have no idea if it is what caused the instability or not.

relatedMail (98k image)

So, dig this, Mac users. RelatedMail is a little piece of functionality you can add to (called a mailbundle). It requires a little installin', but is worth it (and maybe you should look at this as an opportunity to learn a little about how your computer works, duh) for its ability to search for mail messages that are related to what you are reading and show them to you on the right of your message.

I have been using Letterbox for a while now because it gives me an expanded view of my inbox, and therefore makes it pretty easy to see messages that are related to the one I am reading...but this is cooler, because it'll show stuff from a LONG time ago if that's the last related message I got, and I don't have to visually sift this crap.

Anyway, if you want to pick it up, go here:
And, for cryin' out loud, read the instructions and follow them. It's not super hard.

Tuesday, June 3rd Coolness for Mac Users

06.03.08 @ 12:54 PM CST
listening to: The Mike O'Meara Show!

Okay, so here's something cool, and it's for Mac users (I'm sure there has to be something similar for PC users, but I don't care).

It's called, and it's a program that turns your favorite websites into desktop long as you're connected to the internet.

Why is that so cool? Well, here's why: There are lots of cool tools on the net these days, Google Docs, Google Apps for your Domain, BaseCamp, Flickr, Picassa, .Mac, etc...but to use them you have to do this:
1. Open your browser.
2. Navigate to the Site.
3. Start using it.

Not too hard, I know. Unless you're also doing something else in your browser, or you start doing something else in your browser...and you accidentally close the thing you were doing in that online tool, or find yourself with a million browser windows or tabs open. Anyway, it can be a pain, and I know I find myself accidentally closing something I was working on all the time. (There are roughly 700 entries on this blog...but there would be at least 100 more if I weren't an absent minded dufus who closes his browser accidentally.)

So, what fluid does is take a light version of Safari, load up your website that you want to use as an app, and then package it in a way that it can save it as a program on your computer. This makes totally awesome sense for people who use online tools, because you can then do all kinds of fun stuff like:
1. Launch it quickly with Spotlight
2. Flip to it with Exposé or Cmd-Tab
3. Avoid accidental closing or loading-over the content in your browser
4. Avoid some useless flash banner ad crashing your GoogleDocs session
5. Put the resulting "App" in your Dock, like other apps.
6. Set Preferences for individual "Apps"/Sites

In short, Totally Rad. Now, I am going to go set up my Google Calendar App. wink

Monday, June 2nd

Welcome Back, CodeMonkey. Eep! Eep!

06.02.08 @ 02:54 PM CST

Back in the 90's, when I was learning how to build websites, there was a site that I used to refer to all the time called WebMonkey. Well, A few years ago it shut down. I guess Wired decided it wasn't making any money, or bringing in traffic or something, it was probably related to their acquisition by Condé Naste. Who knows why. And, ever since, it's been a sad sad place, the Internet.

Anyway. I was reading an account of how two high school dropouts hacked Comcast's DNS and took down their websites for 6 hours when I saw a shiny new banner pimping the return of WebMonkey. So, out of curiosity, I went and checked it out, and sure enough, the primate has returned.

Here's hoping that WebMonkey return to prominence as a font of website creation knowledge. Eep Eep!