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Wednesday, May 20th

New Sandruck, New Site

05.20.09 @ 10:49 AM CST

We've been remiss in posting on this site in the last couple of weeks, and in case you didn't already know why, it's because Oliver Littleton Sandruck was born on May 5, 2009 at 11:55am.

More specifically, the reason I haven't been posting on this site for the last 20 days is that I've been hard at work trying to balance a newborn, the crazy sleep schedule and chaos that comes with that, and a heavier than normal springtime workload...oh, and I put up a new site, devoted to all things Oliver, which is where I have been making posts.


Now, and in the future, if you need your fix of cute and cuddly, you can head on over to and see what's up with my main man Ollie. I'll get it added to the blogroll on this site one of these days, but for now, just bookmark it.

Tuesday, May 12th

Happy Birthday Mary Kay!

05.12.09 @ 12:40 PM CST
feeling: Great

So I know it might be strange to celebrate someone whom I've never met on her birthday but now that I work with Mary Kay I think it's okay!

Anyway, enjoying the business and working tonight, Thursday (hostess fair) and Saturday (hospital appreciation fair) and I am nervously looking forward to every minute!