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Friday, May 30th

Lesson: Don't pick on celebrity hunks.

05.30.08 @ 03:10 PM CST
feeling: Whatever...

So, yesterday I posted an entry about celebrity endorsements and poked fun at a popular personality. At risk of incurring a rash of similar hate-mail and blog comments, I will not mention the celebrity by name. Apparently the hunky former-opera-singer-cum-television-personality fanbase is absurdly large, and extremely vocal.

Anyway, I wasn't even really concerned with Mr. Celebrity. What pisses me off is that every time I see one of these HP ads they attempt to take the work of really talented, really creative professional designers, animators, musicians, etc.; and somehow embue their products with the skills, creativity, and talent those people possess.

For those that care, the specific commercials are after the jump.


05.30.08 @ 11:44 AM CST

So I realize that it's been a while for me but I just wanted to fill people in, I cut my hair off (again) now it is very Allyssia Milano_esc.

Oh and in case you didn't hear I've been benched from rock climbing after last weeks tumble from 12', were I twisted my ancle and landed on my elbow, which even though it's been a week I'm still black and blue all over my inner elbow and I don't have full mobility back on bending and reaching. So yeah, that's it -- I hope everyone else is doing lovely.

Kevin and I are having a birthday party in his honor on the 14th, not that we expect family but you guys are more than welcome!

Thursday, May 29th

Do your updates, kids...

05.29.08 @ 10:48 AM CST

Hey guys, Apple released a bunch of updates yesterday. You should run software update as soon as you can. These updates are pretty important. They fix various networking, security, and compatibility issues.

I've read some reports of it taking a seriously long time to complete, and then running pretty hard after it completes because it reindexes the various databases in the OS (spotlight, timemachine, etc.). So, when you run it, just let it do its thing. Even if it seems to become unresponsive, just let it run.

Tuesday, May 27th


05.27.08 @ 10:33 PM CST

This weekend welcomed summer. I can't remember the last time that one weekend represented Summer. Sunday I was in a bathing suit all day, working from home. Putting that bathing suit on make me want to eat hot dogs and potato salad. Friday some Crepe Myrtles were just starting to bloom, the weather this weekend as hot and muggy and Monday we had our first dip into the pool which was soooo nice. Summer is here and I love it.

Monday, May 26th


05.26.08 @ 11:03 AM CST

Turns out there is a treasure trove of Cartoon Planet Miscellany on YouTube:

More after the jump...or you can just go to YouTube and search for Brak or Cartoon Planet.

Sunday, May 25th

New Weezer Video!

05.25.08 @ 01:45 PM CST
feeling: Great.

So, first I would like to say, I am awesome. This video is made up of riffs on stuff from the Internet, but some of it is not stuff that really entered the mainstream media, but IS stuff that I have made Jocelyn look at, which makes me feel awesome for being on top of the zeitgeist. If only it had a "Smell Yo Dick" reference in it. That would have been too cool. ;-)

Anyway, here it is, courtesy of YouTube:

Friday, May 23rd

Web Design I like:

05.23.08 @ 04:48 PM CST (193k image)

I'm doing research for a new project, and I am looking at stuff that has a slightly "hipper" design than normal, because they are targeting a college-age audience. In doing my research I came across Bravo's site, which I was not expecting to like much at all...but really really do.

I like it for all the opposite reasons that I like my previous entry,, but I still like it. It's really vibrant, and lively, both in use of color and in layout. I like all the things at jaunty angles and all that stuff. It's really pretty nice.

Of course, Bravo is a subordinate of NBC, so they have more money than God when it comes to figuring out how to implement what seems like an endless amount of Flash integration, but they did it really well, so kudos to them.

Forester vs. Tiguan : Separated at Birth?

05.23.08 @ 04:30 PM CST
listening to: The Mike O'Meara Show

forester_v_tiguan (57k image)

So, I saw an ad for the new VW Tiguan the other day and thought "Wow. Cool. Toureg2 is a little too big for me, and a little too expensive, maybe I shold think about that." So, today I finally had some time to check out the VW website for some info on the Tiguan.

Turns out, it's pretty much the new Forester. Seriously.

I've assembled a little graphic that lets you directly compare their form factor and sheet metal, but know this: the engine is a four cylinder turbo that makes 200 bhp. (The Forester's turbo powered 4 cylinder makes 224.) It gets 25 miles per gallon highway, compared to the Forester's 24 (for the turbo), its wheelbase is 102.5", compared to the Forester's 103", the interior volumes are extremely similar (although the Forester has better legroom) and they have fairly similar curb weight and towing capacity. They even fall into similar price points. They're in that $25-30,000 price point.

Here's the thing though: The cheapest Forester is barely under $20,000. You have the option of getting a Forester without the Turbo, which gets 26 miles to the gallon, and you can get a LL Bean Edition with all the leather, the Sportronic™ transmission, and all the other bells and whistles (except the turbo, duh) for $26,000...or the Turbo Ltd. version for $28,000. Not a single version tops $30,000, unlike the Tiguan.

Winner: Forester

PS - Christ, I want a new car. wink

Monday, May 19th

home owner's blues

05.19.08 @ 11:58 AM CST
feeling: ok

So over the weekend Kevin and i had a "serious" discussion about the house. You see I want to tear stuff apart and he wants to fix stuff up (basically upstairs verses downstairs). We got to talking about how long we really want to stay in the house. I mean we know we'll be there for at least 3-5 years or so but how much longer than that (or how much should we do in that time). We don't want to do work we won't be there to enjoy. So we are staying with neutral colors and keeping things open and inviting but we aren't going to rip out any major walls (we probably won't end up touching the kitchen- well we might still update the knobs and such but that's it). But looking around we decided we probably won't be there until the kids phase of our life (which is a ways off). But it made me realize how even semi-permanent things are really actually temporary and it isn't always worth it to take life so seriously - tomorrow it might not even matter.

Friday, May 16th

Interesting Videos...

05.16.08 @ 11:10 AM CST

So, I found these interesting videos on Gizmodo. The first is a video of these really simple robots making art/a mess, and the second is a short tutorial on making your own really simple bristleBot.

Chris Cerrito's Vibrobots on Paint from Anderson Miller on Vimeo.

The New

05.16.08 @ 10:23 AM CST

ohTwentyoneScreen (118k image)

I've mentioned to a few of you that I've been working really hard on getting a new site done for myself, as it's been 3 years since I started ohTwentyone, and I've hated my site since almost the day I put it up.

So, I really like this design. It's simple, and direct, and orange. I tried to make it so painfully obvious how to get around no one has an excuse for not finding what they want. It's also kind of uncompromisingly centered around the things I think are important in it's stripped down and bold and runs the risk of searing your retnas. The guts I'm kind of ambivalent about, and I'll probably transition it to the CMS one day...but I REALLY like the design, and hope to keep it for a really long time.

So go, check it out. Let me know if you have any problems getting around. ;-)

Mid-Morning with Conan O'Brien

05.16.08 @ 09:46 AM CST
listening to: Conan (duh) on
feeling: A-Okay

So, I don't think I've mentioned this to anyone, but one of my favorite uses for (besides watching Hell's Kitchen, which Jocelyn hates, and watching entire seasons of things I don't watch in prime time...I'm looking at you, Bones) is watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien the morning after it airs.

I mean, seriously folks, what productive member of society can hang with Conan and still be productive the next day? Not me. Not anymore...although it does remind me of my art school days, when my most productive hours were between 10pm and 2am.

Anyway, now, for your viewing pleasure, here's Conan:

Wednesday, May 14th

Website Design that I like...

05.14.08 @ 12:12 PM CST
listening to: Fair Game w/Faith Salie (Podcast)
feeling: Fine.

What? Two posts from Jon on the same day? WTF? Get used to it kids, I'm gonna make it a point to post up here more often...about design stuff. I encourage Nicole and Kevin to do the same. wink

uncrateScreen (116k image)

I really enjoy the design of Uncrate, a blog about stuff dudes are probably interested in, like: cars, shiny things, computers, golf, tools, wine, etc.

It's very simple, very direct, and uses color values to establish your hierarchy of needs. Masthead and search are bright white; credits, subordinate links, and miscellaneous content in grey; Links in white areas in kind of a muted red, links in black areas in a light blue. It's a solid color scheme that would make Roger Black proud.

It's one of those "Geez. I wish I had done that" sort of things...although I sort of did if you look at my new design for ohTwentyone.


05.14.08 @ 11:17 AM CST

Denny hipped me to an article in NY Magazine that details six different homes in the boroughs that have gone a 'bit overboard' in the design department.

What does it say about me that I don't think they've gone too far at all?

What about the fact that I would gladly live in 3 of them? I especially love the home office pictured above. That home also has a really killer kitchen/bar design that I really dig as well.

BTW - This office idea gave me the totally rad idea, which may be completely impractical to produce, and expensive and almost completely pointless, but almost certainly awesome: Glass Pocket Doors.

I would love to see glass (or polycarbonate) pocket doors in a glass wall, so you can see all the mechanisms and awesomeness. Also cool would be wood doors inside glass walls, or glass doors in a solid wall.

Glass pocket doors would be rad in any combination, really. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 13th

New Subaru Ad...

05.13.08 @ 02:04 PM CST

So, I've made it pretty clear that I really like the new Forester, and I am thinking about buying one...when we have a little money, and I can wrap my brain around having a car payment again.

Anyway. Here's a new ad for the Forester. Lovely. Even though I've just spent a bunch of money making my ole' OBS looking and driving like brand spanking new, I still want one of these. The Forester, that is.

Monday, May 12th


05.12.08 @ 12:05 PM CST

So, I haven't posted on the blog in a while. Here's what's up:

I've been working really hard.

I launched a new version of It took me about a month to build...although the design has been in the works in some form for something like 3 years. I worked on it night and day, and weekends.

Currently I am working on something like 4 jobs...which all landed on my lap at once, as they tend to do.

That's really it. One day soon I'll get back in here and write about the stuff that's going on, like working with Mabel about attacking the door...and working with Lucy on general obedience, and going to Craft: Dallas for Mother's Day Brunch, and having Fr. Terry stay with us, and finally figuring out how the hell to manage health insurance for self employed people!

Anyway. TTYL. Now I gotta go bang some work out.

Sunday, May 11th

Movies and Dinner Saturday

05.11.08 @ 08:03 AM CST
listening to: None - listening to Bernie and Nicole Chat
feeling: Eh Again

Well, we (Greg, Nicole, Kevin, Bernie and I) went to watch "Iron Man" yesterday at the SENATOR theatre. Big disappointment. Not as large nor ornate as hoped, but the sidewalk outside was neat - it had blocks with company names, etc, in each square. The movie was goon, but wait through the credits to catch the end.

Then we went to dinner at Red Robin. We enjoyed catching up with each other. Greg drove so everyone got to see his new Audi. He's very happy with it.

Week 3 of sickness leave coming up. The doctors still think I have a pretty good chance of full recovery, but it may not fit my desired schedule - I may have to wait month-to-month. Dr. Singh wants to see me every 2 months, Dr. Mez wants every 3 months and the new doctor wants to start seeing me weekly, but I told him he has to wait in line, until I have Dr. Singh evaluate the recent test results - I have far too many doctors in my life right now.

Sleeping better now, am less dizzy, but still forget a lot - may, I hate drugs!

Wednesday, May 7th

Bernie's Birthday

05.07.08 @ 08:50 AM CST
listening to: None - Just Random Old Rock - 101.7
feeling: Eh Aain

wink Well, we had diner at Chilli's last night to celebrate Bernie's Birthday. Tingling on Right Side is pretty intense today - didn't sleep much last night. When I have my next meeting with the Neurologist we're going to have a lot to talk about. I'm still can't remember things short term, but I started some exercises yesterday that the Neuropsychologist thinks could help. Problem solving could take longer, but I still want to talk with Dr. Singh (Neurologist) before I go any further. I'm working on my laptop so I know how to do more things. I got a couple of books out of the library to study.
I'd like to learn the guitar to help with my memory, and because I've always wanted to, so if anybody has some good books or DVD's please let me know.
Well, I need to get some exercise now, so I'm going to fertilize the lawn and go for a walk - I'm up to about 4 miles a day and feel really good after the nap I take when I get home - yeah, I guess I'm getting spoiled, but I need the rest these days. Will post later.

Tuesday, May 6th

Starting Another Week of Sick Leave

05.06.08 @ 07:29 AM CST
listening to: None
feeling: Eh!

OK, so this the beginning of my second week of Full Time Sick Leave and haven't adjusted yet. This i so BORING. A few of my friends from work have called and I ran into some at the stores, so I'm still managing to stay in touch. I've settled into a routine where I walk a couple of miles each morning. I've started loosing weight and getting a little better toned, I still have problems with my short term memory and my analytical skills - that's murder for an Engineer.
Today's Bernie's birthday - she's 37 today and looks 19 --- go ahead and tell her I said so! We're going to dinner tonite --- big party huh - wa-hoo!!! Do I know how to romance or not?
Nicole and Kevin are going to come down this weekend and we're going to go to a Scottish festival --- men in kilts type thing. I know Bernie's looking forward to that.
We're going to visit Dallas in June because Bernie has another conference. Have fun today.