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Tuesday, April 27th

Baby Names

04.27.10 @ 02:51 PM CST
feeling: Sooo Happy!

So I think that its funny that Kevin really did share this with the world. And he is right, I am not on board with these names - nor will any of our children be named Kevin or Nicole. I think that kids should have their own name. I always liked names like Gabriel, Christian (which Kevin says is out), Rosaline or Alexandria. I also thought Gretchen was nice but Kevin thinks that it sounds too much like it belongs with our last name. And in the melting pot of America our names shouldn't match.

Tuesday, April 20th

Stripper & Bank Robber

04.20.10 @ 08:41 AM CST
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feeling: Good. Yep. Good.

Baby = Stripper. Kid = Bank Robber, Baseball Slugger, or Discovery Channel Survivalist Guy That Gets Eaten by a Python.

Now, Tibor: That's a real name.

Monday, April 19th

baby names

04.19.10 @ 03:21 PM CST


Thank you for offering those names for us to consider. I appreciate the 'tribe' mentality.

I do like baby and I think you should realize that I call Oliver "Baby" 50% of the time. "I'm going to pick Baby up." "Hi Baby, how was your day." "Baby is cute." etc. No matter what name you officially give to your offspring, Baby is a great nickname. I also appreciate your reference to Dirty Dancing, but no one should ever want to be like Baby from that movie. I hate her. She's a winy, unaware character who got tickled in the armpit by Patrick Swaze.

"Kid" to me is awesomer. It also has a Kangaroo reference, right? Don't you call baby roo's Kids? I also think of Kid and Play. Let me throw this one out, Offspring #1, Kid. Offspring #2, Play?

Baby and Kid

04.19.10 @ 02:06 PM CST

Recently, Nicole and my friends had a baby. Her name is Isabella and they have chosen to shorten it to Bella. I think it is still a nice name but only awkward because our dog is named bella. So that spawned another conversation about eventual names for our kids. And I am putting these two into the pot now so they can simmer awhile.

-Baby (girl) and Kid (boy)

Although you may scoff, first say the names with a last name attached....Doesn't sound so crazy anymore does it? First off, Nobody puts Baby in the corner (see dirty dancing for reference). And I think that, that is just the level of self confidence a woman needs nowadays. Secondly, Kid is just a really cool name for a boy. He will never need a nickname and there are so many awesome career options with a name like that. Martial arts master, secret super spy, professional athlete, scientific genius.

Anyways, I thought it would be good to hear others thoughts on these names since Nicole is not 100% on board YET.

Monday, April 5th


04.05.10 @ 02:58 PM CST

Kevin, here's how you get around that issue-move to a drier climate. Move to Texas and get a dry climate only to worry about hail storms and how often you'd have to replace your roof. I'd choose California for the climate but then you have to worry about earth quakes. Maybe you just need some liquor to keep you calm. smile

Rain rain go away

04.05.10 @ 12:46 PM CST
feeling: Shaky

So as some of you may know the east coast is currently a super saturated sponge. That being said god seems to enjoy tormenting me by only dumping rain in ammounts over 5 inches at a time. Quite frankly our clay based soil just cant handle it, which leaves only one place for the water to go. Basements. Our block has been a symphony of sump pumps for days now as everyone tries to dry out.

I think I am having extra difficulty because everytime it rains I worry about all the finished surfaces. Preparation has become a way of life recently. Rain is coming. Pull up the carpets just incase. get the shop vac ready. the dehumidifiers are on an 8 hour schedule. UGH! I need to relax but all I think about when I am doing so is how much I am not getting done. Worrying begets me diving into work, which only begets more worrying. How in the hell do you stop a cycle like that? I wish i could just find some means of a break. sad