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Tuesday, April 29th

Batman Trailer Plagiarized from...Batman Trailer

04.29.08 @ 01:16 PM CST

Check this out:
The trailer for The Dark Knight, which comes out about as close to the 19th anniversary of the 1989 Batman Movie, which also featured the Joker as its main antagonist, as possible is an almost shot for shot reproduction of the trailer for the 1989 version.

So, is it lazyness? An inside joke? An Homage? Or is it just that both trailers we developed using the same formulaic movie trailer conventions that have to mismarketed movies for the last 30 years?

You be the judge:

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Greg's New Car

04.29.08 @ 08:24 AM CST
listening to: Theme from "House" - y friends think I'm just like him .. hmmmmmmm
feeling: OK - getting better

Well, Greg called up Saturday afternoon and asked me to go with him to pick out a new car. You see, his VW broke down on a local parking lot and he hasn't really had a car for actually several weeks because the VW has had a few health problems. We went to Patriot Motors in Eldersburg (where Nicole bought her car) and Greg walked out with a 1999 Audi Station Wagon ... a wagon. It runs GREAT, looks GREAT and the only things we found were some very minor upholstery blemishes and a slightly rusty exhaust system. That was probably a late birthday gift to himself.

Monday, April 28th


04.28.08 @ 05:07 PM CST
listening to: The Mike O'Meara Show!
feeling: Fine like Wine...or Kevin Kline

Here's an interesting article about how the discount HDTV screw you by refusing to service your TV (or even providing an "approved" service center that you could pay to repair it) after the warrantee period expires.

The basic gist is that the "2nd and 3rd Tier" manufacturers (Westinghouse, Olevia, Polaroid, Vizio, Insignia, etc...) don't cover much service while in warrantee (which run alarmingly short at between 90 days and 1 year), and do not provide any recourse, including paid service, after the ridiculously short period expires.

So, resist the urge to save a couple bucks to save a few hundred bucks on your new HDTV. If you have to have it serviced (even in-Warrantee) it'll cost you more to service it than you saved buying it. (You'll pay as much as $225 for return shipping, plus the service itself for many of them.)

Saturday, April 26th

Another Day in the Life of Don

04.26.08 @ 12:06 PM CST
listening to: American Pie
feeling: Mellancoly

big grinOK, so I was out at Walmart Friday buying some posies and veggies as a surprise for Bernie. I had my T shirt on that's Black with a yellow smiley face on it in the from like the Walmart guy and a BIG smiley face on the back that i got at Lisa Hanley's Bat Mitzvah in 1998 (I never throw anything away). I was bent over looking at the flowers when a guy came up and asked me if I knew the price of some plants. I told him I didn't and pointed out someone that I thought could help him. A woman behind me whispered "It's because of the shirt you're wearing" and we all had a good laugh. I kept on shopping and went over to the veggies. I was looking at the tomatoes that didn't have a price on them and a woman walked up to look at the same plants. I walked away and found someone to get me the price. He came back with me telling me the price was right above the plants. Of course it wasn't so he went to find someone to give him the price. The woman walked away looking at other plants. The guy came back and told me the price so I found the woman and told her the price, picked out my plants, smiled at the lady who gave me a little smile and then I figured out that she probably thought I worked there too. Then I decided to have some fun so I walked over to the guy who helped me and told him that we felt he should wear a shirt like mine, but with a saying like "Yes, I am a Walmart employee." He looked like he was thinking about it and then responded with a stern look on his face and gave me a one word answer --- "NO!" rolls eyes rolls eyes rolls eyes

Thursday, April 24th

Absurdity is one of my favorite things...

04.24.08 @ 03:30 PM CST

Wednesday, April 23rd

Another Appointment today

04.23.08 @ 07:03 AM CST
listening to: Oldies - of course

Well, another doctor's visit. This time they will assess my memory loss, problem solving and ability to follow instructions. The tests take 4 hours and then the report will take 2 weeks to write. I start being off on extended sickness on Monday. Will keep you posted.

Sunday, April 20th

It's been a while

04.20.08 @ 06:19 AM CST
feeling: we'll get to that

So the reason that I haven't been blogging as much is because I can't blog from work. I don't know why but for the past month or so I have been able to read the content of the blog but I can't see the flickr pictures or anything in the column on the right side of the page, so I can't log in and blog.

Work has been crazy, every time we are afraid that things are getting slow a small emergency that the needed the information yesterday and you guys have this right? comes up, and it kind of sucks. On top of that I have been told that there are questions to why the mindless tasks of the office haven't been getting done, Oh and it gets better...

Thursday, April 17th

Best USB Hub. EVER.

04.17.08 @ 11:46 AM CST
listening to: The Mike O'Meara Show
feeling: Sluggish

drbottT7 (16k image)So, none of you probably care, but I have had bad luck with USB hubs. I was late to the USB party because I bought the last 2 Macs that came with ADB, SCSI, and Parallel ports (I loved my G3s) and then kept them limping along for far too long. So, because of that I have never really understood how the spec works, or the different types of USB devices. So, when I finally got a machine that had USB 2.0, I had to go out and get a hub, and I did so based on the recommendations of people online.

Here's the problem with that: There is a HUGE chunk of online buyers who review things positively to stave off buyer's remorse. I am convinced of it.

There's also a HUGE chunk of online buyers who review negatively a) without ever owning the product, which should be illegal, with heavy penalties and perhaps jail time, or b) when it fails to meet completely unrealistic expectations. (For example, expecting that Apple would support third party applications that require that you circumvent the EULA for the iPhone, is RETARDED.)

But, I digress. The point of this post is not to lambast idiotic "netizens," but to inform you all that after a considerable amount of research and heartache, I have found THE BEST USB HUB. EVER!

It's the Dr. Bott T7, BTW. A full review is after the jump...

Thursday, April 10th

We almost went over the rainbow

04.10.08 @ 12:18 PM CST

Last night I woke up to crazy lightening...thunder, a blanket of rain, some small hail and wind gust that sounded like a train. I hop out of bed, get mabel out of her crate (next to big windows) grab a leash and watch the news. The entire metroplex was in one HUGE JUMBO storm. I can't find any thing on the news yet, but someone told me that a tornado was spotted close to our house. The airport which is 1/4 mile away clocked winds at 75 miles an hour. Our school district is closed today because there's no electricity. Coming into work there's tons of damage, roofs off buildings, trees of my buyers houses who happened to close yesterday has a fence that broke in half. Spring weather here is Crazy!

Wednesday, April 9th

Outstanding Disk Software...

04.09.08 @ 05:52 PM CST
listening to: Doogie Houser, MD

This morning my Time Machine disk went down after my USB hub decided it was pulling too much juice. It's the second time this has happened. It pisses me off something horrible. Especially considering that I wasn't at my desk, so it kept failing, attempting to remount, and then failing again until the disk was so badly damaged that it would no longer mount. (For you non-Nerds, when a disk mounts it becomes available to your computer's file system.)

After a half dozen or so unsuccessful attempts to repair the disk through Apple's included Disk Utility software, which is normally all I ever need, I had to resort to ->GASP!<- PAYING for a disk utility software.

The reason I'm writing about it though is to let all you other Mac users out there that DiskWarrior is, indeed, an excellent disk utility. I hope you never need it...but if you do, it's a superior program. It's easy to use, it does exactly what it said it would and, most importantly, it succeeded when all others failed. I haven't been this pleased with this type of software since the good old days when Peter Norton was on the bright yellow box.

Thursday, April 3rd

She's F@#ing Obama

04.03.08 @ 04:24 PM CST