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Friday, April 27th


04.27.07 @ 11:09 AM CST
listening to: None
feeling: Excited

Today I did something, that for some people seems insignificant, but for me is a big step. I entered some of my plants into a Flowercade competition. I finally shared my snip-its from the backyard with the awesome ladies in the garden club. I entered 7 specimens. I don't care if any of them get an award. I'm proud of my self for supporting the garden club. (We need to enter the Flowercade every year in order to keep a gold level for the club) And I'm proud of myself for feeling confident in presenting some plants and very proud that I treat my yard organically and I did not have any problem finding plants that we're perfect with no disease or bug problem. Yah Organics!! It feels great to be able to pluck herbs from the garden and eat them on the spot and not worry about pesticides.

Thursday, April 26th

Is it a rut, or just does Futura just RULE.

04.26.07 @ 05:28 PM CST
listening to: Don and Mike. Ass.
feeling: Fine.

futura (11k image)
So, occosionally I get into a pattern of using one font more than others, and sometimes it goes on for so long that I get really mad at myself for being an unoriginal bastard. (A bastard coated bastard with bastard filling.)

When I was in school I found myself using Adobe Garamond so much that I burnt myself out on it. Really, I think I was just in a "Clement Mok is a badass and I want to grow up to be just like him" phase, because now that I am a little older and more sensitive to the more subtle qualities of a typeface, truthfully, I prefer Caslon to Garamond, of any variety.

While I have definitely had strong preferences in Serif typefaces (I HATE Times, in all its forms), I have always only held a cursory preference among Sans Serif faces.

I used to vacillate between Gill Sans, Frutiger, Futura, Univers, Avant Garde, and any number of other Sans Serif fonts when I needed one. I used to not be able to remember the difference between Frutiger and Futura. Seriously.

Lately, however, I have found myself using Futura. A lot. I wonder if I will ever burn myself out on it. I certainly hope not, because it is a really useful family of typefaces. Totally worth the $500 it costs to buy the whole family by itself of LinoType.

So, is it age and experience? A heightened sensitivity to the subtlety of letterforms? Or am I becoming set in my ways? Am I taking the easy way out? Or is Futura just a wicked bad-ass 15th degree black-belt of a font family? Damn!


04.26.07 @ 02:59 PM CST
feeling: great

So even though I have been sick my thesis project is actually coming along rather well.

Okay so here it is......

Philadelphia University: Bachelors of Architecture Thesis Presentations

8am- Greg Wilson: An Ecological Model for a Creative Class
8:45- Jeff Simmons: The Garden as the Catalyst for Change
9:30- Simone Br...: Refocusing Architecture
10:15- Paul Bahn: Biomimetic Response
11- Sarah Poist: Cinematic Architecture: Layers of Memory and Time
11:45- Vicki Weaver: Hope for the Hopeless: A Sacared Sanctuary

1pm Lunch

1:30- Cory Casy: Spaces of In-Between
2:15- Kevin Hollenbeck: Sensorial Identity: Redefining Materiality blush
3- Tana Hovland: Transendence through Synergy: Light and Architecture
3:45- Nicole Sandruck: Flocking Theory: Movement of Mankind confused
4:30- Lui ( I can't say his real name): Urban Decay: Exposing the Uncanny
5:15- Alexia Fukui: Architecture as an Adjunt to Healing
6- Kristen Seage: An Empathic Response: The Body in Space
6:45- Brendan Miller: Feedback loop: Analysis + Evolution

8pm Reception (the time gap is because these things never run on schedule)

see you there!!!!

Wednesday, April 25th

And the winner is...

04.25.07 @ 10:21 AM CST

logoPond_pharmaStrat4 (14k image) So, the client has finally picked a logo, or rather, I have finally designed a logo that does not suck that the client finds acceptable and you're lookin' at it.

I think, since Jeff picked it out as my favorite, and the client picked it in the end, that Jeff deserves a extra special prize now.

And the client does too...but they're prize is a brand spanking new Logo.

Friday, April 20th

I [Heart] Logo Design

04.20.07 @ 03:54 PM CST
listening to: Don & Mike
feeling: Rawr!

Logo design can be a long, tiring, frustrating process. I like to design Logos. Really. I do. It's my favorite design-oriented thing to do, really. Even more-so than web sites or posters, I like designing logos.

The tiring and frustrating part comes when the client gives you NO direction, doesn't take their part of the process seriously, and then rejects perfectly awesome, potentially award-winning logos for absolutely insipid reasons.

So, attached below is the THIRD sheet of logos I have generated for this logo. I, of course, have a favorite. If you can guess which one is my favorite I will give you a prize.

pS_logoSheet4 (37k image)

Monday, April 16th

Pharma Strategies Logo...

04.16.07 @ 05:41 PM CST

pharmaStrat_pillP (17k image)

So, although this does not appear to be the strongest idea in my sketchbook for this DOES end up being the freakin' awesomest logo once it is executed. I had maybe a dozen ideas that I just cannot get to look right to me. Even the ones that I can get to look like I had expected them to look, they don't stand up to this one. It just came out much better than I thought it wood when I drew it in my sketchbook.

Who woulda thought?

Sunday, April 15th


04.15.07 @ 11:22 AM CST

Photo127 (86k image)

This is our hail from the storm Friday night!

Tuesday, April 10th

Happy Birthday, Dad

04.10.07 @ 05:26 PM CST

Saturday, April 7th

going to the chapel!!!

04.07.07 @ 08:11 PM CST
feeling: happy

So Kevin asked me to marry him, and yes it was a surprise.

It was last night, we needed somethings from the store so I went out while he finished cleaning up some things around the apartment.

I got home and there were candles everywhere and the was a fire buring in the fireplace. We than settled into burn marshmellos and have a nice evening together.

As we talked the converstation turned to the fact that my promise ring keeps falling off (because I have lost weight) and after examining it Kev slipped back on my finger only to say that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

The next words were unexpected (even after he said them). I jumped on him and began to cry, I was so happy. After he got me to sit back up he pulled the box from his pocket and showed me my custom built ring.

Please enjoy the pictures and I will see you all soon!!