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Tuesday, March 31st

Back in Action

03.31.09 @ 11:25 AM CST
feeling: Great!

So tonight I have my 1st Mary Kay class since I was thinking about quiting. But I am back and ladies I am ferious but kind - so be not afraid! I got myself a website and I am ready to work it. Watch out 'cause I am coming out!

Sunday, March 29th

Another Pregnancy Update

03.29.09 @ 11:32 AM CST

This weekend the crib was made, sheets are placed, furniture is arranged, paintings have been started! We went to Babys R Us last night which is a huge step for us. The last time we went in there was way early in the pregnancy and we were so overwhelmed. This time we picked things out, made notes, and had a good time looking at stuff. The first time we went we left in silence. We then went looking for camcorders. I had another 'wake up' call yesterday. I put soy mmilk on my cereal and it doesn't expire until after Oliver arrives! Think about that! That's soon!

Wednesday, March 25th

This will be Easy.

03.25.09 @ 12:17 PM CST
listening to: CCR
feeling: AH

winkWell the hammering, drilling, sawing and less than joyful discussions have been going on since 8:15 this morning, BUT WE"RE ALMOST DONE !!! R i g h t ...... DirectTV didn't install the system they promised two weeks ago, so they're out here right now making things right - at no charge. R i g h t .... I'll believe that when I see the bill (or no bill). The poor guys have been trying really hard, but not having much luck. I've put ceiling, walls, phone lines, etc. wherever they need to go. I even went ahead and cut access holes for them in the drywall today (that didn't work either). Now I have one large hole and two small ones to fix. That's OK, I'm good with drywall. Uh-O --- the guy needs to train me on the equipment. We're close !!!!!!

Monday, March 23rd

Pregnant Update

03.23.09 @ 04:43 PM CST
listening to: None
feeling: Good

This weekend Jon and I went to a Prepared Childbirth class which was all day Saturday. Part of me feels more prepared and another part of me is more anxious. It did give Jon and I some good questions to review before the delivery. We also toured the hospital, saw labor rooms and then the post partum rooms. Both are nice, friendly, roomy and most important private. They even have nice, non hospital bathrooms.

We have another doctors appointment this Friday and a shower this weekend. The screws finally came in for the crib so hopefully we can make that this week which will be a huge relief.

We're doing good. Lot's of physical changes happening, but all normal for being pregnant. This week Oliver should be about 18 inches long and 4 3/4 pounds. He was clocking in larger than 'normal' at our last ultrasound so who knows how big he really is. I think he's big enough to be a toddler at this point, like I totally skipped over having a newborn. Thankfully my imagination is always embellished from reality.

Thursday, March 19th

Greg's Birthday

03.19.09 @ 10:19 AM CST
listening to: Nothing
feeling: FANTASTIC !!!!!

We went out to dinner last night to the SOHO grill in Columbia. Greg drove me over so he and I could talk. Greg's working on his VW and is going to pull the engine up so he can get to a bolt that holds a pulley in place that has a bent shaft. He has cleaned the engine up a lot and the car looks GREAT. He still has work to do, but it looks like he's having fun. Remember to wish him a happy B-Day.

Wednesday, March 18th

Bella Down!

03.18.09 @ 11:45 AM CST
feeling: ok

So I think that those are the two most often said words in my house. We both say it in the morning. When I let her out of her cage to get off my robe, after you let her in from being outside. To stop jumping up, to get her paws off the couch. To get off the couch, because not only can she jump onto it from the front but she can almost jump over the back (any time now).

So feel at home with the rest of us by saying Bella Down, if you get the chance.

Verizon TV

03.18.09 @ 11:01 AM CST
listening to: The Boss
feeling: A little Perturbed

I signed up for the Verizon Triple Play and figured I'd get a better product and save money. I already had Verizon Land and Wireless, so I added the television for only about $20 more than I was paying before by the time I added Directv. Well, the installation was finished Monday and I found out I wasn't going to get what I want period. I could get close but it would cost me $200 for another service call and another $20 a month for the equipment. WHAT A RACKET. I went ahead with the original and got the second install for nothing, or say they said - we'll wait and see. I bet they try to charge me anyway.

POOR THEM. I have plenty of time on my hands and am BORED TO DEATH, so I can keep calling them till the scream uncle. I sent a note to the CEO today to see what happens.

To all who deal with Directv, BE CAREFUL !!!!!!! Get everything in writing up front, understand what they say, review the install before they start. If it isn't what you want, cancel and call them. In this case, I should have called Verizon because it's their job to handle Directv, not yours.

Monday, March 9th

Art for Oliver...

03.09.09 @ 12:27 AM CST

When we painted Oliver's room it put me in a pop-art mood. The color is so warm and energetic when it's bright out, but subdued and cuddly when it's dark. It looks like Tomato soup, which, of course, made me think of Andy Warhol. So, after arguing briefly over my bride's misunderstanding of the term "Pop Art" I started thinking about doing a triptych (or maybe more if I get ambitious) of Gerber baby food bottles after the style of Warhol's soup cans.

Anyway, here's the art for the first round:

babyFood_triptych (52k image)

Now that I've done all the hard stuff (research, decision making, illustrator) I need to decide whether or not I want to do a BUNCH more, or maybe a few, and I need to decide if I am going to just print them on nice paper or go with my original idea of making stencils of all this stuff and then painting them. Really the only different part for each one would be the type, but stenciling type can be a pain in the ass. That being said, I think it would be MUCH cooler if they were painted.

It would also be really cool if there were like 12 of them. Or a hundred.

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