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Friday, February 27th

02.27.09 @ 03:20 PM CST

So, we went to the OB again today, this time for our final ultrasound/sonogram/whateveritscalled thing and we got to see little Oliver Littleton. It was good. He's a cutie. He has my nose, and as far as I can tell, Jocelyn's mouth. We have about a dozen shots of him, most of which are completely unintelligible, but I'm posting a pretty clear one below. Check it out!

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Wish I'd Thought of That...

02.27.09 @ 02:45 PM CST

Logo design is one of the most coveted forms of design work out there. It's also one of the most controversial fields in Graphic Design, not in small part due to the fact that just about anybody thinks they can do it. Of course, the first thing you learn in any Logo Design class worth its salt is that Logo Design is one of the hardest tasks due to the multitude of requirements placed on logos in a modern business environment. That's also why a good Logo Designer ain't cheap.

To prove a point a guy named Jim Walls decided to hire one of these cheap-o internet (and as it turns out, Sri Lankan) logo design sites and see what you got for your money. You can read the article if you follow the link:

As it turns out, you get what we always expected: Nothing of Value. In his case, nothing at all. He got some half-baked logo "concepts" that could very well be produced by anyone with access to MS's Clip Art Archive and a reasonably modern PC. What he never got, which I always considered a bare minimum, is the final press-suitable files so that he could USE HIS LOGO.

Also - The process, which site quotes as a "one to three day turnaround" took 1 year. That's right, folks, one year, and $50 and no logo for you.

My only experience with these things would indicate that the slightly more expensive internet logo shops aren't much better...I mean, they at least delivered final files, but the designs were hackneyed, cliché, trite, whatever word you want to use for "sucky," and the files I did get from them on behalf my client who hired them were a barely usable mess.

For the case study this provides, it's a well spent $50. I sincerely hope that Jim's article helps some unsuspecting entrepreneur decide to find a competent logo designer.

BTW - Have I mentioned that this spring I'll have two logos published in Logo Lounge 5? ;-)

Old Entries...and Old Me.

02.27.09 @ 12:22 PM CST
listening to: Nothinng in Particular
feeling: Tired, Achy, Hungry and Introspective

So, this morning I spent a little time working on the blog, because when I redesigned it a few months back I kinda messed up some of the CSS stuff and it's been bugging me.

Anyway, as I did this I reviewed some old entries, because, really, what I was fixing was the archives.

Well, this has me thinking about many things.
1. I've really rounded a corner in my personal life in the last few years. I'm not nearly as bitter and judgmental (although I am now judgmental of people who are judgmental), I'm not as angry about everything, nor do I feel so entitled to be heard as I used to.
2. I don't curse as much as I used to. At least, not in public.
3. I am simultaneously more confident in my work and less likely to blame a project's shortcomings on my client. I am coming to think of a request for, what I would have called in the past, "Stupid, Horrible Shit" as an invitation to solve a problem better.
4. I think of myself as "right" and others as "wrong" less often. The simple truth is that we can each only solve our problems through the tools we have. People have different tools, and therefore solve problems differently. We each solve problems in the ways that most clearly benefits us. It's human nature.
5. I really started to round this corner in the last couple of years.
6. I am really thinking about closing all entried in this blog that predate ohTwentyone. I was an angry person before I started this business.

That's all for now. Have a nice day. ;-)

Thursday, February 26th

Safari 4 Beta Opinion: Day 3

02.26.09 @ 09:28 AM CST
listening to: Bones
feeling: Tired. Ugh.

Dear Apple:
Regarding the new Safari Beta: Please bring back the distinct stop/reload button and the progress bar in the address field. I find myself clicking things more than once because I don't seen an immediate (and obvious) visual indicator of progress.

The reload button is a minor annoyance, but I think it's akin to the way IE7 eliminated some of the very normal controls in favor of a more "streamlined" interface, which is fact less functional. You don't really want to design like Microsoft, do you? ;-)

Other than that, I'm totally diggin' Safari 4!

I got something new too

02.26.09 @ 07:26 AM CST

My phone was acting wonky for too long so I got an iPhone! Yay. I don't have any impressive stats like Jon, but I do look forward to working on a reliable phone that won't restart when I try to answer a call.

Baby update:
Friday afternoon. Ultrasound. He'll look like a full fledged baby this time.
Friday night and all day Saturday: How to take care of a baby/CPR class.
Sunday: My first shower

This is full baby weekend! Wish us luck!

Wednesday, February 25th

New HDD in my MacBook Pro

02.25.09 @ 10:24 AM CST
listening to: The Daily Show

So, none of you will care about this, but I am very excited. I replaced the Hard Drive in my MacBook Pro this past weekend. (I've had the new HDD on my desk for about a month waiting for enough time to "perform the surgery.") MAN! It's like having a new machine! I replaced the 250 GB, 5400 RPM drive with a 320 GB, 7200 RPM drive. So, yes, it's bigger and therefore has more space for Virtual RAM, but I think where I am seeing the most impressive performance improvement is Booting and Loading Apps, which requires reading large amount of data into memory...and that's where the 7200 RPM spindle speed comes in.

You see, that stat describes how quickly the plates inside the HDD spin while it reads and writes information. My old HDD spun 5400 times per minute (90 times per second). The new one spins at 7200 RPM (120 RPS). That's a pretty big difference, and I'm pretty happy with the improvement.

Net result for me? Photoshop CS3 launches in 6 seconds. Boom.

Wednesday, February 18th

Seeing the Extended Beyer Family

02.18.09 @ 07:45 AM CST
listening to: None
feeling: Upbeat

Yesterday I attended a funeral service for Uncle Gus (Austin Webbert) - he's married to Bernie's Aunt Dorothy on her Dad's side. I'm going to be more like Uncle Gus - I'm heading that way already. He was a very open person who made me feel part of the family the first time I met him. He was always smiling (I need that), energetic (I'm getting there), threw himself into everything he did (something I need), and I remember getting a handshake and hug the first time I met him (I do the handshake, but the hug comes later (sometimes) [yeah, I'm a hugger - take it or leave it - that's the way I am] etc., etc., etc. The "family" is overwhelming at times, because of how many there are. But you know, they all smile a lot, love each other a ton and welcome you like you're part of the family. Between my family, Beyer's, Heere-Beyer's, Croney's, and Webbert's, that's quite a tribe. We could populate a small country quite nicely. Not a bad idea. Thank you everyone. hehe

Tuesday, February 10th

The Onion Lampoons the Gadget Industry

02.10.09 @ 01:02 PM CST
listening to: Medium
feeling: Ugh.

The video contains some pretty awesomely heinous language, so I'm putting it "after the jump" to save you all from being horribly offended, but if you want to check it out, hit the link at the end of the entry.

This video pretty much sums up why the gadget industry sucks, why people are stupid for buying into it, and why I will NEVER stand on line to buy anything, EVER. So, check it out. It's awesome.


02.10.09 @ 09:23 AM CST
listening to: CCR
feeling: Pretty Darn Good

shocked My exercise program is going pretty good - 16 to 25 women and me. blush They're a little shy but are getting comfortable with me. It's about time - only 3 weeks left. After this ends, I'm going to join a gym close to home that's part of the Aetna plan. It's only 2-3 miles from home so I may walk to it once the weather gets good. I've picked up about 3 pounds since I started, but I'm down to a 36 waist and headed to a 34. My suits are too big so I'm altering the pants. More later . cool eh?

Monday, February 9th

Warm weather

02.09.09 @ 11:37 AM CST

So this past weekend was nice, Bella couldn't believe her nose - she could finally smell grass (not just the scented pee pads that smell of grass). We got her running post install so that she can be outside by herself (not that she wants to be) and she is learning how to ask how to go outside. Right now we are letting her out everytime she wakes up but on Saturday when I trapped her in the kitchen with me she walked right over to the door and looked up at the handle. I walked over and opened the door, I think she's learning.

She is also learning how to hide what she is doing wrong, because she will run away when she knows she has been caught. Oh puppy-hood, how cute you are plain.

Sunday, February 8th

Third Trimester!

02.08.09 @ 07:39 AM CST

We're at the third trimester! I can't believe we're here! We're all doing well. We now start our doctors appointments every two weeks! We go in this Friday for the normal check up and in two weeks we get another ultrasound! We could get the the nursery is shape in a quick weekend, which makes me rest much easier. We have registered, the showers are scheduled for March and we have a jam packed next two months! Little Oliver is going to be here before we know it!

Oliver is getting larger and his movements are getting more forceful. Yesterday I think he jumped inside of me. Jon played him Weezer the this week and Oliver started to dance. Jon is very proud.

Tuesday, February 3rd

Puppy Time!

02.03.09 @ 11:55 AM CST
feeling: ok

So Bella is doing well, she is getting bigger at an astounding pace! She was up alot last night, I'm not certain what was wrong but I was out and Kevin was out so she didn't have quit as much play time and she might have liked! Things are going well and I'm sure we'll have her trained up in no time.

Sunday, February 1st

Someone hacked the Blog

02.01.09 @ 01:27 PM CST
feeling: Shitty

So, it looks like someone hacked the blog last night. They logged in as me, made a short and completely useless entry, and left.

By looking at the site's log I can tell that this person attempted to log in as Dad a bunch of times before trying to log in as me, and I am, frankly, baffled that they were able to do so. I'm really hoping that they got in through some security issue with the blog's engine rather than guessing or grinding out my password.

So, as a precaution, I've changed my password on the blog. I'll spend some time tonight changing my usernames and passwords on the rest of the stuff I use that password for. Shit!