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So, Wednesday was my birthday and I turned 27. I know that it might not seem like a big deal to anyone over 30 but it mattered to me. And while Kevin might think that I am insane, I have been feeling different every year. When December ends and we head into a new year with all of the excitement of setting new goals and changing something to make our lives more fulfilling. But every year I am also turning a year older. And as anyone over 25 knows, every year brings you closer to 30. And as any woman (who wants to have children can tell you) it puts you one year closer to making decisions about having children, when to have children and what choices you want to make. Do you wait to be able to provide everything and anything? And be older and have less energy when they want to play with you? Or do you have children younger and not have to worry as much about all the diseases that come from the mother being over a certain age. And risk not have everything in place but hopefully have more energy? Anyway, we aren't rushing into anything - but we've been married for 3 years so could anyone accuse us of that? That's all for now. sleepy