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So...I got some exciting news on Friday. I've won seven (that's 7) American Graphic Design Awards from GD USA magazine.

Which means I now have 17 awards sitting unframed in my office. Thankfully IKEA makes some decent (if you don't look too close) cheap document-sized frames, so I'll head over to Frisco and pick some up sometime soon.

Jocelyn thinks that if I continue to frame them all and put them in my office it'll start to get a bit overwhelming pretty quickly.

I kind of think that's the point. ;-)

What do you think? When do I stop? After I frame these I'll have 27. Do I stop at 30? 50? 100? 1000? Do I just start making piles around the room?

I once read about a place that had giant trash cans filled with awards in their lobby. Anybody got any creative ideas for "filing" these things?

Also—I'll need help again deciding which, if any, I'm going to have published.

I'm turning comments on for this entry, so please leave any ideas in the comments!

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On Monday, September 13th, Jocelyn Potato and Cheese Lover Sandruck said

Please do not pile them up around the office. You already have too many piles. I think you should make a nice binder to hold all of your awards and leave it on your conference room desk. That is the only thing on the table. It can hold your thousands of awards.

On Tuesday, September 21st, bernie said

You could select a number to display, buy that many frames, put the oldest in a binder and refresh the wall with newer ones. It would also be nice if the award had a picture of the item.