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So, last week I signed my 2nd recruit! And she is amazing already! I know that she will have her own recruits in now time!

Then last night I got to go pick up my National Sales Director and spend some one-on-one time with her (and another National) before our unit meeting last night!

Then at the meeting one of our local director commented to me that I had the sales director vibe - I looked like a sales director, I was acting like a sales director and everything about me just screamed sales director!

Finally, I got on the treadmill this morning and I jogged an entire mile at level 4! I couldn't believe it! I set that goal on May 30th that by July 15th I would be able to jog an entire mile on level 4 with a cool down of a half mile (1 lap at 3 and 1 lap at 2) and I did it this morning! I finished that goal more than a month ahead of schedule! So I have updated that goal to be able to jog that same mile every day over the course of a week!

When I called Colleen (my director) to let her know that I had achieved this goal she pointed out to me that maybe I have undervalued my abilities to do tasks and I have wasted so much time thinking that I can't do something that I've never pushed myself hard enough to just do it! This has been a theme in a lot of conversations lately - I'm too hard on myself ~ I'm only human and I deserve to have down time but if I tried more than beat up on myself I would surprise myself ~ That I'm better at things then I knew and I have just taken it for granted that I can't do something or at least that I can't do it well.

That's what's up with me! Oh and Jon's comments on phones was just the icing on my cake! hehe