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Don't get a Palm. Ever. The build quality is terrible, and they just got bought out by HP, a company also notorious for poor build quality. Web OS is probably a very cool OS, but it's not going to keep pace with Android.

If you can, get a Nexus One: AKA - The Google Phone.

If you can't, get the best Android phone you can. (Droid is a good one, but I honestly don't know if any better ones have come out since.) Android is a really promising platform, and they just announced all kinds of cool stuff at Google I/O (that's Google's big developer's conference) that will be making its way to Android phones pretty soon in the new version (Froyo).

The caveat to this whole Android Froyo thing is that older, cheaper, less powerful phones either won't get it (like Greg's G1) or it'll run it like a turd. So make sure you get the best phone you can, so that it takes two years to get frustrated with it, and you can wait out your contract and get an iPhone in two years.

You know by then you'll be able to video iChat, quantum teleport yourself and have it make you a sandwich. It'll be the 4G QTMS (Quantum Teleport, Make Sandwich).