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Thank you for offering those names for us to consider. I appreciate the 'tribe' mentality.

I do like baby and I think you should realize that I call Oliver "Baby" 50% of the time. "I'm going to pick Baby up." "Hi Baby, how was your day." "Baby is cute." etc. No matter what name you officially give to your offspring, Baby is a great nickname. I also appreciate your reference to Dirty Dancing, but no one should ever want to be like Baby from that movie. I hate her. She's a winy, unaware character who got tickled in the armpit by Patrick Swaze.

"Kid" to me is awesomer. It also has a Kangaroo reference, right? Don't you call baby roo's Kids? I also think of Kid and Play. Let me throw this one out, Offspring #1, Kid. Offspring #2, Play?