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Recently, Nicole and my friends had a baby. Her name is Isabella and they have chosen to shorten it to Bella. I think it is still a nice name but only awkward because our dog is named bella. So that spawned another conversation about eventual names for our kids. And I am putting these two into the pot now so they can simmer awhile.

-Baby (girl) and Kid (boy)

Although you may scoff, first say the names with a last name attached....Doesn't sound so crazy anymore does it? First off, Nobody puts Baby in the corner (see dirty dancing for reference). And I think that, that is just the level of self confidence a woman needs nowadays. Secondly, Kid is just a really cool name for a boy. He will never need a nickname and there are so many awesome career options with a name like that. Martial arts master, secret super spy, professional athlete, scientific genius.

Anyways, I thought it would be good to hear others thoughts on these names since Nicole is not 100% on board YET.