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So as some of you may know the east coast is currently a super saturated sponge. That being said god seems to enjoy tormenting me by only dumping rain in ammounts over 5 inches at a time. Quite frankly our clay based soil just cant handle it, which leaves only one place for the water to go. Basements. Our block has been a symphony of sump pumps for days now as everyone tries to dry out.

I think I am having extra difficulty because everytime it rains I worry about all the finished surfaces. Preparation has become a way of life recently. Rain is coming. Pull up the carpets just incase. get the shop vac ready. the dehumidifiers are on an 8 hour schedule. UGH! I need to relax but all I think about when I am doing so is how much I am not getting done. Worrying begets me diving into work, which only begets more worrying. How in the hell do you stop a cycle like that? I wish i could just find some means of a break. sad