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My brain is functioning in lists, not paragraphs.

-The last time we moved our stuff fit in one UHaul Trailer. This time we hired movers and took a few weeks with individual car loads.
-The movers had us unpacked in the new house in 3.5 hours
-The new house is in shambles but we know where soap, shampoo and toothpaste is, we have some clothes to wear, and Olivers clothes are organized. The kitchen is also mostly unpacked. Enough to cook and refrigerate things.
-The yard got mowed at the new house which makes it look lived in and thats a good feeling, for everyone who drives by and for us.
-The new living room is I hope the messiest it will ever be. Foundation still torn up, just got word that city inspector passed the plumbing, next step is putting dirt back and prepping for concrete work.
-The front rooms are full of boxes yet to be sorted.
-The heat doesn't work in the new house so I've been sleeping at mom and dads, again, with the baby. Jon's staying chilled in our bed. A new furnace is being installed tomorrow
-Oliver is not napping well because he has a cold so there was not much progress yesterday on the unpacking front.