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There's already a sense of accomplishment at our new house. We've painted three bedrooms and the hallway, installed 4 fans, installed 360 sq.ft of flooring, disinfected and de-grodied the home. Demolition has started on the garage and it feels so much better in there with exposed brick and a heap of trash in the middle of the floor. The dumpster is in the front yard and now we can put the load of trash in the front and side yard in the dumpster. We then can mow the yard and start to see what we really have. Alot of this process has been peeling back the layers of neglect in the home. Within a month we'll have a new electric panel, HVAC system, real laundry room and have added over 650 sq.ft of living space to the home!

We move from our old home this Saturday and we still have some minor packing to do. Movers come Saturday morning for the big stuff. My first priority is to get Oliver's room set up, then the kitchen and family room. There's enough changing that it's time for photos. It feels good to know that the last month and a half of planning are starting to take shape and we can share what we're doing. Stay posted!