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I think the title pretty much sums it up but let me expand anyways. 7 people from the office went out yesterday to enjoy some fun on the local paintball course. Open (walk-on) class, sunday afternoon. Easy right? Well yes and no. people trying to be arnold and mow down their enemies are always fun. the person who walks aimlessly around without any clue as to what is going on is equally amusing. the guy who thinks they can crawl the enitre length of the feild asnd snipe out people as they go is nothing more than a slow moving target. needless to say watching these characteristics being manifested in my coworkers was an interesting site and to say the least, I had alot of fun. the few times I have went have taught me the value of both stealth and insanity, and most importantly, when to impliment each. of course I was playing with a tippman 98, the gun that just wont stop shooting. Hell, I think my barrel was actually bent but the thing still woked so whatever. I managed to hit people in every game and even lasted all the way through more than I got hit in. that was until the local amateur team finished their practice and descided to join in. Lets just say that our final game of the day was in stark contrast to the rest. people weren't walking off the feild with one or two shots of paint on them but more in the ten to twelve range. still fun but all of a sudden I wished the 2-3 shot per second tippman in my hand was something a bit more... impresive. You knew immediately that you were in trouble the moment you stood up to go "Bink....Bink...Bink(sound of tippman)" and you heard from five separate directions "rattatatat tat rat ta tattat!(sound of 15+balls per second coming at you from 5 different people). I am looking forward to my next visit.