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So, today was my third week weigh-in. It was kind of a short appointment, so there isn't a whole lot to tell. I'm down another 4 pounds, bringing the total thus far to 25 pounds down in three weeks...but there are no changes to the diet this week, so it's more of the same. "You're doing great, just keep doing what you're doing" is the general message from my appointment. Great. Glad I'm paying $$ for that nugget of wisdom. ;-)

So, instead of a lot of description of stuff, I've just decided to share my charts for this you can see what's going on. Click on the picture of the page above to view the whole thing.

I will pause to say this: According to the standard 3500 kCals = 1 Pound arithmetic, and the fact that I am running about a 2000 kCal/Day deficit, I should lose about 4 pounds a week from now on, assuming that my metabolism doesn't slow to a crawl or anything like that. The fact that I lost 4 pounds this week tells me that the easy part is over, and that I should expect my progress to slow down from here.

In reality, I do expect my metabolism to slow down, at least a little, and I do expect that it'll eventually slow down to about 1-2 pounds per week, and take me about a year to lose all the weight.