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Home » Archives » September 2009 » Diary of a Diet, Week 2 [Previous entry: "I did it!"] [Next entry: "'s the diet going? Part 1"] 09/04/2009: "Diary of a Diet, Week 2"
I had my weigh-in on thursday, and it's more good news. I'm down another 7 pounds...which brings us to 20 pounds lost in two weeks. Do I expect to be able to maintain this? Hell no. I did a little arithmetic and figured out that I should be losing about 3-4 lbs per week for the remainder of the diet, as long as I maintain the current daily caloric deficit.

That's going to get harder and harder as the diet goes on, because my Base Metabolic Rate will go down as I lose weight. It's already down a little, so I'll probably have to adjust again at some point to keep the weightloss going.

The food cravings seem to be leveling off a bit, but I have noticed that some carby stuff that you wouldn't think are super fragrant, have very distinctive odors now that I can't eat them. I almost got sick smelling freakin' Tostitos at this dinner party last night. Ugh. Tostitos!

On another note, I've been tracking a lot of different metrics, one of which is Fat in lbs, and this week my results came back that I've lost 8 lbs of fat out of the 20 lbs I've lost total. (9.5 of that 20 is water, and the remaining 2.5 lbs is, I assume, muscle.) These metrics are all extrapolated from the electrical resistance of my body, so it's not 100% accurate, but it is something to look at and track, and I'm just the kind of nerd that likes that sort of thing.