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So I have until Monday (tomorrow) to get product on 9 faces and do 2 interviews (or sharing appointments depending on what side of that fence you sit on - but that's for another time) so I've had some lame ideas.

1) I've emailed all my friends and clients and asked them to come to the house for a quick facial to help me out and if they bring a friend they get a prize

Note: Only 3 people have responded, 1 said yes and she'll bring her boyfriend, 1 said she would have a little time monday night and the last just said she's far too busy (and since she's planning her wedding I'm sure she is).

2) My loving Jocie has offered to do a facial over the phone! Which would count so we're keeping that in the mix.

3) Go to the mall and be the strange lady in the bathroom offering a comlimentary hand treatment and a 10 dollar gift certificate for their time - I'm pretty sure this is illegal, because you have to pay the mall to do services within the building as well as the fact that in direct sales you can't demo product in a retail setting.

Any ideas? I'm running low on time and ideas, desperation has set in perhaps a little too late!