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Home » Archives » August 2009 » Diary of a Diet: Days 6 & 7 [Previous entry: "Morally Bound"] [Next entry: "Proud of my Honey"] 08/28/2009: "Diary of a Diet: Days 6 & 7"
Day 6 went mostly smoothly. I can do this diet. No problems. It makes me eat on purpose instead of being directed by whims and marketing.

Anyway. Day 6 went fine. I made my numbers, although I had slept poorly, so it was a little bit of a drag-ass day.

Day 7 I decided not to take "the prescription" because I think it's why I'm sleeping poorly. As a result, I had my first serious hunger pangs. Well, shit. Maybe I'm not as tough as I think.

The upside of Day 7 is that it was time for my weekly checkup, so I went in for my follow-up meeting and met with my NP. She explained the results of my blood work, I got my shots, and took new measurements. And the results are:

I'm down 13.5 pounds!

A lot of that is probably water, but thankfully, they take a lot more measurements than just weight. I'm going to make a fancy chart so that I can track them all...but I don't think I'll be putting that up on the web.

The other upside of day 7 is that it marks the end of the first week. I'm now allowed to eat Vegetables! Wow, life is going to be better now that I can add a little pepper and onions and pickles and stuff.

One odd thing is that they've measured all the protein in Ounces (that's by Mass, not Fluid Ounces, which is a measure of Volume) but they're measuring the veggies in cups? How the hell am I supposed to measure asparagus in cups without mangling it? Displacement? I don't have a graduated container large enough for that. Crap! ;-)

I've never understood why we measure food volumetrically anyway. It's not hard to weigh food, and if we all got used to working with mass-based measurements we'd find we need far fewer measuring tools in the long run.

Anyway. I digress. The diet is going well. Let's see how it goes next week.