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Day 5 was odd.

Following a complete lack of sleep I woke early-ish, hung out with the baby, got him dressed, got my medicine in order, gathered my food for the day, and dropped him at daycare. I got into the office around 9:30.

So, the odd part about day 5 is that I was totally disinterested in food. I didn't eat lunch until 1 or so, and I never did the afternoon snack. I wasn't hungry when I came home for dinner. But, because I have to get my kCals for the day, I had to figure something out.

So, here's the interesting thing I learned yesterday. If I don't get my calories early in the day, I get to eat a better dinner. Last night I got to eat a REAL EGG omelet with C.Bacon and LF Cheddar (that's how I log Low Fat Cheddar). It was SO good. I forgot how much I love yoke, and cheddar. Oh, sweet Jesus, it was good.

Anyway, I tested my pee at 8 and it was Moderately Ketonic, so my body is still burning fat. Yay.