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Well, today I feel as though my voice has been, somewhat, heard, or at least that an idea I had wasn't totally awful. You see, back in August of last year I wrote into a newish blog called "Dear Cupertino," which is a blog where people ask Apple, though not directly, to consider our pleas for new products, features, what-have-you. I wrote an entry about Anti-Virus baked right into Mac OS X, and it appears (according to Gizmodo) that my voice has been heard.

What you're looking at above is a screenshot from someone using the beta/pirated/developer version of the upcoming "Snow Leopard" Mac OS X 10.6, which hints at some Anti-Virus-y goodness built right in. What can I say? These people aren't dumb. Viruses are an OS Security issue. They should make an effort to address an issue with their own product.

Anyway. You can read my original Dear Cupertino entry here:

PS - It's worth mentioning that Microsoft recently introduced a free anti-virus system for Windows. I honestly see that as a step in the right direction.