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Home » Archives » August 2009 » Diary of a Diet: Day 4 [Previous entry: "Doing my part"] [Next entry: "New Mac OS X has Antivirus Built In?"] 08/25/2009: "Diary of a Diet: Day 4"
Didn't sleep. Woke up crappy. Blew my nose. Coughed and hacked.

I took my medicine. It upset my stomach. I threw up. I'm pretty sure I threw up my medicine. It tasted like Omega Three Pill (aka: Fish Oil, ick). I don't think it was the medicine or the diet that made me sick. I think it was the sinus drain-off and the copious amount of water I had in me at the time.

I couldn't think of eating anything, so I drank a protein shake as I left the house, and then again at noon, when I headed to Medi to get my booster MIC shot.

For lunch I had some Canadian Bacon (which I've taken to calling C.Bacon in my log) and low fat Provolone, which I have come to really dislike.

I worked until 7, ate Pork Loin and Low-Fat Cheddar for dinner at 8:30, and went to bed at 10 or so. I slept like crap again. Ugh.