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So this past weekend I had not time to blog because I was super busy! Not just rather busy or kind of busy but super busy!

Friday, Kevin and some of his friends went camping so I dropped him off at work and ran to the store to get all of the items that I would need for this weekend (everything purchased at 1 store - you got to love America) I got home around 9am and started packing for Saturday. I had 2 networking events to attend so I would need goodie bags and gift certificates for both as well as door prizes for the one in the afternoon/evening. I had lunch with Kevin and Rob (since I had a hair cut at 2:30 and he didn't want to miss me before they left). I saw Kev just as I was leaving for my hair cut. I finally got home from that at 4ish (Bella was not happy as it had started to pour on her while I was out sad ). I spend the rest of day packing and picking up around the house.

Friday/Saturday over night - i didn't sleep because apparently I'm very attached to Kevin - note don't let kevin go away any more.

Saturday - Staples from 9am - noon, we had to go to 2 staples because one was double booked but it all worked out. Then downtown to Project Twenty1's drop event from 2pm - 6pm (I got there late because of parking and being so tired I had to lay down for a minute) When I left the bowling alley it was pouring rain! I was so cold, tired and wet! I picked up some food from this awesome Chinese/Suishi place and went home. I was in bed by 9:30 just too tired to deal with anything else.

Sunday - we were supposed to have a pool party for Mary Kay from 11 - 5 but it was cancled do to rain but I had gotten up early and started backing to make my pink cadilliac out of rice crispy treats and flower shaped brownies. I got through the 1st batch of brownies and making the pan of rice crispies when my phone went off with a text about the party being cancled. So I went to the rest of my list. I did the laundry, cleaned our bathroom. Rotated the dishes and ran the dishwasher (to empty again later in the evening). I spackeled in my new office, moved more Mary Kay stuff downstairs and really went to town for a couple of hours until I was too tired to move. Kevin got home and we relaxed for the rest of the night!

So I had a busy weekend!