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I'll be honest with you, this is starting to not be great.

Saturday was fine...although I over did it on the Egg White Omelets and ruined myself for the next day. Although, to be fair, all food made me feel totally gross on Sunday, so maybe it's not the egg whites' fault.

So, saturday I woke up, not feeling great because my sleep sucked. I screwed up my omelet. I ate it anyway. For lunch (and this is were I think I messed this up) I ate another omelet, although I didn't screw it up that time. I drank lots of water and sugar-free kool-aide™, and I took my medicine. I took my prescription a little late, so I skipped the third dose (they said I didn't have to take it at all if I don't like the way it makes me feel, so I don't feel bad about that). I ate my dinner. We went to Jen & Tim's house to hang out. We came home late. I slept pretty well.

Sunday I woke up late, so I started my medicine late. I tried my best to get back on schedule, and I did a pretty good job. I ate an egg-white and pepperjack omelet, which was kinda gross, but I think it's just because I'd eaten four of them in three days. It's worth noting that Sunday was the day that my body goes into Ketosis (the part where we trick my body into processing fat instead of sugar) and that's supposed to suck. It did. I dragged ass all day...and I was sick of eating all the stuff we bought me to eat, which made it all very unappealing.

Anyway, at some point in the afternoon we headed out to Target to get some stuff for Jocelyn and Oliver, and some groceries for me. Then we headed to Ed & Nancy's so Jocelyn and Oliver could go swimming. We hung around for dinner. I made myself WAY too much chicken and ate it with Hot Sauce, like I have done for the last three days. This time it was a little too much. I got thoroughly bored about 2/3rds of the way through. That made it tough.

Later I ate some Canadian bacon to fill out my calories for the day. At thing point, I am tired of food, and having very real carbo cravings. Ugh. At the very least, it's the first day I have to test my pee for Ketosis, so I finally get some feedback. Thankfully, the test came back Ketonic and, although not as strong as I wanted, it was a strong test. My body is officially burning fat for fuel. Yay.

One last note for the day, I took my third dose of "the prescription," which is the amphetamine they give you to overcome the drag-ass and curb some hunger pangs, on time on Sunday (3pm) and I slept like shit. So, today I'm skipping my third dose. Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight and feel a bit more normal.