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How about instead of complaining about how no one has made an entry in a while, you just write up an entry about something that's going on with you and put it up?

Now, so that this entry won't be a complete waste, here's what's going on with me:

Oliver is getting bigger. Every day he wakes up a little bit bigger and a little bit smarter, more aware, and a little more fun.

I'm completely buried in work...which is a good thing. I've recently started using a new piece of software to help me stay organized and get things done on time. It tracks what applications and files I'm using and what I'm working on so that I can bill clients accurately, and it reminds me to track what I'm doing, so it's less likely I'll do work I don't get paid for. It also integrates with iCal and the To-Dos that I generate in Mail and iCal, and allows me to convert them into billable projects. So far I'm really happy with it. $27 well spent.

Oliver is almost sleeping through the night. He's rolling around onto his side, his back, his tummy, and then back. He no longer needs to feed in the middle of the night.

Oliver started day-care yesterday. He's being cared for by a nice lady named Linda who lives near Ed & Nancy. Jocelyn figured out yesterday that she gets a little emotional when she drops him off, so now it's my job to drop him off in the morning because, apparently, I'm a heartless robot. ;-)

So, that's the big stuff. I'll try and do a better job about updating the blog. Now you guys just try and do the same.