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Today I went in for my first appointment at a weight loss clinic. (

They took some blood and urine and did blood pressure, EKG, height and weight assessments. After that I met with a Nurse Practitioner to talk about the program and instruct me in what to eat and how to eat it.

I also got two shots, which are a cocktail of nutritional supplements designed to keep my energy level high, my metabolism stoked, and my water retention down.

The hardest part of this diet may well be the eating. Unlike my last attempt at weight loss, this system uses an extremely calorie-restricted diet. For the first week of the diet I will be eating nothing but lean protein...which means no veggies, no fruit, no starch at all. No sugar at all...and unlike my last attempt, I only get 950 calories/day for the first week.

They gave me a bunch of supplements and a very strict schedule on which to take them. They also prescribed me an appetite suppressant.

So, I start my diet tomorrow. Monday I'll go back in and get a booster of one of my injections, and Thursday I'll go in for my weekly meeting.

SO, there's not a whole lot to report on right now. I'm excited to start the program, and hopeful that I'll be able to keep with it, and that it'll work for me.