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Hello everyone. Meet my new "Paintball Marker" (read: Gun). It's a brand new, Orange, Dangerous Power G3. I went and played at GatSplat on Saturday. Keith came with me. He played with my Ion.

We had a lot of fun, and I'm thoroughly impressed with my new Marker. Read on if you really care. The difference between the Ion and the G3 is night and day. I have a pretty strong recollection of the first day I played with my Ion, and let me just tell you how simultaneously awesome and frustrating it is to take a $300 marker out of the box, air it up, and have it rip strings of paint straighter, faster, more accurate than the gun I've spent hundreds of dollars improving ever has. VERY. Well, to be fair, it's a lot more awesome than frustrating.

The field at GatSplat is relatively small, so a true accuracy test couldn't be performed, but from corner to corner I could reliably float a paintball right over the corner of a bunker and hit you in the butt.

Possibly even better than having it air up and out-perform my expectations out of the box was getting it home and cleaning it in about 30 seconds. It has one moving part, and accessing it requires removing one part. Even with my modifications to my Ion I have to remove three parts to get at the parts that need to be cleaned. Out of the box it required removing the grip frame, the board, and the internal hoses to clean the same part.

So, let's just say I am thoroughly impressed with the DP G3.