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The big stuff has been taken care of,of course with the exception of the biggest 'to-do", the Delivery. All classes have been taken, all major purchases have been made, at the end of this week Oliver is considered full term. We'll let him fatten up until he's ready to come into the world. He did turn to a head downward position Sunday/Monday but I think he fell back over and is crooked. I use to know where he was and now I have no clue what part of him is sticking out.

We now get to do little to-do's in order to prepare. Finish art work and curtains. Pre-bake dinners, pack a hospital bag, get relaxing music together, etc. It's very exciting. I don't think I blogged about this yet, but I'm starting to tuck in stuffed animals in the crib and have even looked for old baby dolls to swaddle and put in the swing. Ridiculous or cute. Take your pick.