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winkWell the hammering, drilling, sawing and less than joyful discussions have been going on since 8:15 this morning, BUT WE"RE ALMOST DONE !!! R i g h t ...... DirectTV didn't install the system they promised two weeks ago, so they're out here right now making things right - at no charge. R i g h t .... I'll believe that when I see the bill (or no bill). The poor guys have been trying really hard, but not having much luck. I've put ceiling, walls, phone lines, etc. wherever they need to go. I even went ahead and cut access holes for them in the drywall today (that didn't work either). Now I have one large hole and two small ones to fix. That's OK, I'm good with drywall. Uh-O --- the guy needs to train me on the equipment. We're close !!!!!!