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feeling: Good

This weekend Jon and I went to a Prepared Childbirth class which was all day Saturday. Part of me feels more prepared and another part of me is more anxious. It did give Jon and I some good questions to review before the delivery. We also toured the hospital, saw labor rooms and then the post partum rooms. Both are nice, friendly, roomy and most important private. They even have nice, non hospital bathrooms.

We have another doctors appointment this Friday and a shower this weekend. The screws finally came in for the crib so hopefully we can make that this week which will be a huge relief.

We're doing good. Lot's of physical changes happening, but all normal for being pregnant. This week Oliver should be about 18 inches long and 4 3/4 pounds. He was clocking in larger than 'normal' at our last ultrasound so who knows how big he really is. I think he's big enough to be a toddler at this point, like I totally skipped over having a newborn. Thankfully my imagination is always embellished from reality.