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I signed up for the Verizon Triple Play and figured I'd get a better product and save money. I already had Verizon Land and Wireless, so I added the television for only about $20 more than I was paying before by the time I added Directv. Well, the installation was finished Monday and I found out I wasn't going to get what I want period. I could get close but it would cost me $200 for another service call and another $20 a month for the equipment. WHAT A RACKET. I went ahead with the original and got the second install for nothing, or say they said - we'll wait and see. I bet they try to charge me anyway.

POOR THEM. I have plenty of time on my hands and am BORED TO DEATH, so I can keep calling them till the scream uncle. I sent a note to the CEO today to see what happens.

To all who deal with Directv, BE CAREFUL !!!!!!! Get everything in writing up front, understand what they say, review the install before they start. If it isn't what you want, cancel and call them. In this case, I should have called Verizon because it's their job to handle Directv, not yours.