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Logo design is one of the most coveted forms of design work out there. It's also one of the most controversial fields in Graphic Design, not in small part due to the fact that just about anybody thinks they can do it. Of course, the first thing you learn in any Logo Design class worth its salt is that Logo Design is one of the hardest tasks due to the multitude of requirements placed on logos in a modern business environment. That's also why a good Logo Designer ain't cheap.

To prove a point a guy named Jim Walls decided to hire one of these cheap-o internet (and as it turns out, Sri Lankan) logo design sites and see what you got for your money. You can read the article if you follow the link:

As it turns out, you get what we always expected: Nothing of Value. In his case, nothing at all. He got some half-baked logo "concepts" that could very well be produced by anyone with access to MS's Clip Art Archive and a reasonably modern PC. What he never got, which I always considered a bare minimum, is the final press-suitable files so that he could USE HIS LOGO.

Also - The process, which site quotes as a "one to three day turnaround" took 1 year. That's right, folks, one year, and $50 and no logo for you.

My only experience with these things would indicate that the slightly more expensive internet logo shops aren't much better...I mean, they at least delivered final files, but the designs were hackneyed, cliché, trite, whatever word you want to use for "sucky," and the files I did get from them on behalf my client who hired them were a barely usable mess.

For the case study this provides, it's a well spent $50. I sincerely hope that Jim's article helps some unsuspecting entrepreneur decide to find a competent logo designer.

BTW - Have I mentioned that this spring I'll have two logos published in Logo Lounge 5? ;-)