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So, this morning I spent a little time working on the blog, because when I redesigned it a few months back I kinda messed up some of the CSS stuff and it's been bugging me.

Anyway, as I did this I reviewed some old entries, because, really, what I was fixing was the archives.

Well, this has me thinking about many things.
1. I've really rounded a corner in my personal life in the last few years. I'm not nearly as bitter and judgmental (although I am now judgmental of people who are judgmental), I'm not as angry about everything, nor do I feel so entitled to be heard as I used to.
2. I don't curse as much as I used to. At least, not in public.
3. I am simultaneously more confident in my work and less likely to blame a project's shortcomings on my client. I am coming to think of a request for, what I would have called in the past, "Stupid, Horrible Shit" as an invitation to solve a problem better.
4. I think of myself as "right" and others as "wrong" less often. The simple truth is that we can each only solve our problems through the tools we have. People have different tools, and therefore solve problems differently. We each solve problems in the ways that most clearly benefits us. It's human nature.
5. I really started to round this corner in the last couple of years.
6. I am really thinking about closing all entried in this blog that predate ohTwentyone. I was an angry person before I started this business.

That's all for now. Have a nice day. ;-)