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So, none of you will care about this, but I am very excited. I replaced the Hard Drive in my MacBook Pro this past weekend. (I've had the new HDD on my desk for about a month waiting for enough time to "perform the surgery.") MAN! It's like having a new machine! I replaced the 250 GB, 5400 RPM drive with a 320 GB, 7200 RPM drive. So, yes, it's bigger and therefore has more space for Virtual RAM, but I think where I am seeing the most impressive performance improvement is Booting and Loading Apps, which requires reading large amount of data into memory...and that's where the 7200 RPM spindle speed comes in.

You see, that stat describes how quickly the plates inside the HDD spin while it reads and writes information. My old HDD spun 5400 times per minute (90 times per second). The new one spins at 7200 RPM (120 RPS). That's a pretty big difference, and I'm pretty happy with the improvement.

Net result for me? Photoshop CS3 launches in 6 seconds. Boom.