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Yesterday I attended a funeral service for Uncle Gus (Austin Webbert) - he's married to Bernie's Aunt Dorothy on her Dad's side. I'm going to be more like Uncle Gus - I'm heading that way already. He was a very open person who made me feel part of the family the first time I met him. He was always smiling (I need that), energetic (I'm getting there), threw himself into everything he did (something I need), and I remember getting a handshake and hug the first time I met him (I do the handshake, but the hug comes later (sometimes) [yeah, I'm a hugger - take it or leave it - that's the way I am] etc., etc., etc. The "family" is overwhelming at times, because of how many there are. But you know, they all smile a lot, love each other a ton and welcome you like you're part of the family. Between my family, Beyer's, Heere-Beyer's, Croney's, and Webbert's, that's quite a tribe. We could populate a small country quite nicely. Not a bad idea. Thank you everyone. hehe