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Home » Archives » January 2009 » Oliver's Update [Previous entry: "Jocie is 6 Months Pregnant"] [Next entry: "Dear Idiots: Don't Pirate Software."] 01/22/2009: "Oliver's Update"
I just lined up a babysitter for the summer. She'll be able to come to work with us so Oliver can be far enough away while we work but close enough if we want to kiss and hug him. It will also give us an idea of how much day care we'll need when our baby sitter goes back to school.

We're trying our paint samples for his room. No decisions made yet. The closet system is purchased, the room is cleaned out. It's a huge relief to get this far.

He goes in spurts of activity for days and then sleeps a lot for days. He's been quiet lately so I think he's resting and growing. Overall I still feel great. Nothing that tums, a massage or a nap can't take care of.

I hope everyone is doing well!

p.s. it was 80 degrees today. This weekend it's going back in the 40's.