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Home » Archives » January 2009 » Cooking is fun... [Previous entry: "Signs of life"] [Next entry: "Pupski is a-coming"] 01/11/2009: "Cooking is fun..." feeling: Fine. Great in fact, although I am completely tired.

I had written this really long entry about this pork I braised, but then I decided it was lame.

So, here goes the short version:
I braised a pork loin today. It was pretty rad. You should all braise things. It's tasty. It takes all day, and requires a lot of patience not to mess it up by poking it all the time, but other than that it's really easy, and super tasty.

Mmmm. Braised pork. Tasty.

Seriously though, it's always fun to try out a technique you're not super confident in and pull it off. Today I learned how to braise. It was tasty.